Larry Michael’s weekly “skintangibles shtick” quickly becoming a weekly joke

From as far back as I can remember, Redskins game day radio announcer Larry Michael has done a weekly breakdown comparing the Redskins units to their opponents.  They had typically been reasonable even during losing stretches with what used to be a cute “skintangibles” box to break a tie breaker.  I love Larry and remember listening to him during the lunch hour and “Redskins at 1” back in the mid-00’s.  The only problem is that the Redskins have become such a joke of a franchise that the “skintangibles” box is now a punchline.

Having “skintangible” today means having a losing culture, not a “damn good one” as Bruce Allen has convinced himself and owner Daniel Snyder.  Al Galdi presented a depressing and disturbing statistic during his show The Morning Blitz.  The Washington Redskins have now gone twenty-eight straight seasons without eleven wins.  Every other NFL team during that stretch has at least one of those season.  Even the lowly Browns have an eleven win season.  The Redskins have also now gone an entire calendar year without a win at home and were shutout for the second time in the same timespan.  So what exactly is Larry Michael checking off in that box? Why does Larry still have that as a choice?  Why does Larry not put his foot down and say, “we are retiring “skintangible” until further notice?”

It is clear that he is playing to a fan base of two.  Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen.  The fans know and understand what their team is.  Even other local radio announcers know what the Redskins actually are and are starting to take shots at Larry Michael’s shtick:

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I don’t know if the Wizards or Nationals radio announcers will take a swipe at what is a laughing stock and a really pointless routine by Larry.  We have already seen Bradley Beal, inadvertently or not, leave the Redskins out of the list of teams as to why he wants to stay in D.C.

The players are doing what they can to win.  The coaches are questionably putting them in position to win even when running the ball 14 of their 15 first down plays to begin the game.  The ownership and front office, as has been documented here and elsewhere, is a dumpster fire.  Snyder is not going to sell the team unless there are some unsavory pictures out there we don’t know about.

Those that are too close to the forest that they can’t see through the trees are also a part of the problem.  It is long over due that Larry and others stop playing to that audience of two.  Give an honest assessment of where this once prestigious franchise currently floats aimlessly.  Much like Bruce Allen, shticks like “skintangible” needs to put a shirt on, hide away in the pit of misery with the rest of the franchise’s credibility, and not return until there is a consistent winning culture on the field.

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