If you look at Sunday’s loss in Green Bay, several point immediatelyt leap to mind. Now, not all appeared as a total loss. Yet, this game feels like rather a humbling, stinging defeat. With that thought, FPC writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs chime in on the contest.


The Raiders can move the ball offensively, but can ill-afford a turnover. The team isn’t built defensively to slam the door on anyone and when Derek Carr fumbled out the corner of the end zone, it was a 21-point swing. Tight end Darren Waller is a dynamic weapon and well-worth the coin the Raiders dishes out to him. Even without viable name weapons at wide receiver, Waller can still eat. 

Defensively, it’s hot garbage. Yes, the Raiders have bright pieces on that side of the ball, yet, where Gruden can get most out of his roster, Guenther cannot. The Packers exploited the lack of talent and scheme to surgically dismember the Raiders “defense”. It’s almost as if Guenther schemes a defense to maintain a lead instead of attacking the opposition. 

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To his credit, when throwing, Derek Carr displayed flashes of his 2016 self. He climbed the pocket and drove through. His ball appeared to possess velocity and after a couple of wide, wild early passes. More importantly, he did not show the happy feet. Meanwhile. Darren Waller continues to stake his claim as the best receiving tight end in the NFL. Waller, open all day, capitalized with two scores. From people in attendance, Waller looked open all day. Lastly, Josh Jacobs gave the Raiders a glimpse of a running game that will grind out victories.

However, the Raiders cannot stop anyone. Maxx Crosby seems like the most productive defender on the field. He tallied the only sack and pressured Rodgers frequently. Paul Guenther should not return next year. No one wants to hear excuses. The Raiders need a scheme and coordinator that can use a myriad of talent.

In essence, the Raiders need to shore up the defense. It’s painful to watch a lack of pass rush and awful tackling.

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