The Kansas City Chiefs will be without quarterback Patrick Mahomes for a brief stretch. All is not lost though, as Mahomes will eventually return down the line. Also, Andy Reid is the type of coach who thrives off this situation. He is the perfect type of leader to uplift his team through this next set of games. In addition, Reid will excel in building character and chemistry for the Chiefs.

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Not Looking Back

Andy Reid quickly spoke about moving on and going with the flow after the Chiefs weird-feeling victory over the Denver Broncos. “Very seldom do you have an opportunity to look back, and those that do are normally out of the league. When you’re in it, you’re only as good as your next game. That’s the approach I’ve always taken.”

That old school mentality that Reid developed under Mike Holmgren has fared him well throughout his career. Reid has had a constant message during his prolonged NFL journey. The players are in the NFL, because they have that ability to prove that they can do what others cannot. The belief he has instilled in certain players, and even quarterbacks, has led to some truly special moments.

Been There, Done That

Nothing is easy in the NFL. However, it is well documented the success Reid has had with backup quarterbacks who have been called on to step in and win games. In his days as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, there were two separate times where Reid had lost his starter Donovan McNabb.

In 2002, McNabb suffered a broken ankle while the Eagles stood at 7-3. The backup quarterback Koy Detmer had a fine performance in the first game after McNabb were to go down. But, he would then suffer a dislocated elbow in that game. This opened the door for third stringer AJ Feeley. Out of nowhere, Feeley rattled off four straight Eagles victories. Both Detmer and Feeley had never started a game up to that point. Their combined effort helped Philadelphia go 5-1 in their final six games to finish 12-4, win the NFC East, and enter the playoffs as one of the top teams in the NFC.

Then in 2006, McNabb tore his ACL while the Eagles sat at 5-5. A 36 year old veteran, Jeff Garcia, then stepped up to the plate. Garcia was displaying some heroics that he was known for early in his career. Under the tutelage of Reid, he would go 5-1 down the stretch to lift the Eagles to another NFC East title.

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Anything Is Possible

Even in Kansas City, Reid needed to turn to his backup a few times. The Chiefs are 3-1 in such games under him. They could have been 4-0, if not for a missed field goal. Alex Smith enjoyed career years with him in Kansas City. Because of the work Reid put in with Smith, the Chiefs were consistently a tough out in generally all the games they played in during that time. Back to his days in Philly, just think of the name Kevin Kolb. His successful run was short lived. Meanwhile, it would have not been possible without Reid at the helm. Michael Vick also proved doubters wrong. Following his prison release, Reid took a chance on Vick and it paid off. So, Reid has worked some of his best magic with quarterbacks much less talented than what we see every week with Mahomes.

Keep It Simple

What will it take for Reid to have the same success with Matt Moore? First of all, the gameplan should not change or waiver. Let the skill players continue to have success with misdirection and crossing up the defenders. The play calling will lead to a wide open receiver more often than not. On Thursday night for example, Moore received plenty of looks where the receiver was left wide open. Sometimes he made the throw. Other times, the success didn’t come. With the way Reid prepares quarterbacks, Moore will be ready for any challenge that comes his way.

Full Team Effort

No matter how long Mahomes is out, Moore will be getting some help along the way soon. Other injured players like Eric Fisher, Sammy Watkins and Chris Jones could be making their return to the lineup shortly. All of these guys’ impacts serve a different purpose, yet the Chiefs are better off with all of them. Reid not only thrives off this type of situation, he will embrace it with open arms. The Chiefs are in good hands and will believe in Reid to lead them out of this dubious situation. He did just that when Kansas City was 1-5 in 2015. Now at 5-2 in 2019, the Chiefs have already endured an endless list of setbacks that other teams would have crumbled under. Most importantly, the bumpy road of this season is long from reaching its eventual finish line.

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