Despite leading the league in completion percentage, Derek Carr still has to to do. With the Oakland Raiders sitting at .500, they need more from their signal caller. Granted, Carr has increased his yards per attempt to 7.5 for the season. Yet, something still feels off. Regardless of the rampant stannery, this poses a good question. To answer what must happen, FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs examine room for growth.

What would you like to see improved over the last 10 games? 


I was going to say scrambling, however, based on his Butterfinger tendencies, that’s out the door.  Carr must maintain his ability to get the offense in the right audibles and attack vertically.  That’ll help keep the offense on the field and possession in Raiders’ favor. 

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With Carr, it’s not so much improvement meant in totaility, but a sustained approach. Verrsus the Packers, Carr averaged 10.46 yards per throw. Now, we know that level feels impossible to maintain. yet, Sunday’s passing game, between the twenties saw a more aggressive Carr. In some cases, he stepped up in the pocket and delivered the ball with velocity.

On the other hand, the red zone approach remains a nightmare. When the Raiders needed to cash in, they walked away empty-handed. With Marcell Ateman on the outside, why not test the fade? The Packers did not look stressed. Carr and the Raiders, over the last two seasons mystify convention with passive or awkward playcalling. From Melvin Ingram’s pick last year to the game changing fumble out of bounds.

For the football fans that truly understand and don’t have blind allegiance, hear this. Derek Carr flashes the ability of a Top-16 quarterback. Stop caring about 2016, focus on now. The Raiders are 3-3. With several winnable games left, Carr can change his narrative on the field. He does not need you to ride for him and jump to his defense.

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