Paul Guenther watched Aaron Rodgers shred his defense on Sunday. The Raiders travel to Houston , facing a Texans team that smarts from a loss against the Colts. With that said, the focus sits completely on Guenther’s shoulders. Granted, Aaron Rodgers destroys many defenses. Yet, that game highlighted issues that continually plague the Raiders. Paul Guenther’s spot should remain precariuos. The texans give him a clean slate. How can he save his job? FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs discuss the issue.

Paul Guenther’s defense allowed 42 points to an undermanned Packers team, what would you suggest for him to keep his job?


There’s no suggestions. Paulie G is bulletproof thanks to his boss Gruden. He’s already on track to best the worst defensive marks the team’s ever had and opposing playcallers are exploiting the lack of talent and coaching. When pitted against cellar dweller QBs, Guenther’s scheme looks passable. Pit him against a quality QB and it’s an embarrassment. 

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In all honesty, Paul Guenther doesn’t deserve to maintain his job status. The Raiders look slow, awkward and uninspired on defense. Not to mention, too many times, the Raiders failed to dictate the pace of the game. To paraphrase our colleague, Pete Camarillo, the Raiders defense is good enough to be in the photo but fail to make the play. In essence, that make sense.

How many bad angles, poor blitzes and complete lapses in gap integrity do you see? Regardless of which trades that occur, the Raiders need a new defensive coordinator. If you look at Minnesota, they run the scheme the way that Guenther wishes. With ends that feature long arms and the ability to use them to keep blockers away. Look at the Vikings defense, built over five years. Paul Guenther does not enjoy the luxury of a lengthy rebuild in his image. Under those circumstances, the Raiders need to ride 2019 out with him.

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