After yet another great performance by the New England Patriots defense on Monday night, the Pats are 7-0. Tom Brady, in the first half, looked like his usual self as he made two terrific throws to Phillip Dorsett and Brandon Bolden. The running game was an issue this week as Sony Michel ran for just 42 yards. This is overshadowed by his 3 touchdowns as the offensive line had one of their better weeks this season. Ben Watson was able to contribute during the game, as well, with a big third down conversion on the first drive of the game. New England ‘s next opponent is the Cleveland Browns as they come off the bye. Let’s get to know the Browns and what to expect on Sunday!

After a much-needed bye week, Cleveland looks to pull off the upset on the road. For that to happen, Baker Mayfield will need to play the best football he has played all year. Mayfield has been criticized for the past couple of weeks for the way he has handled himself as a leader of the Browns. He has been called overrated and, at times, a bad teammate. Now do I think that’s true? No, and I’ll tell you all why. Baker has this attitude about him that his team feeds off of. The offense goes through him and when he’s not playing well, everyone isn’t happy.  Nick Chubb has taken some of the pressure off of Mayfield. However, with the Browns being 2-4, this game on Sunday is a “must-win”.  Jarvis Landry has also shown his frustration with the Browns offense. Two weeks ago he left the locker room early before the media showed up to ask questions.

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Defensively, the Browns can cause problems for any offense in the NFL. Cleveland is 13th in the NFL in stopping the run and 16th in yards allowed. The good news for the Pats is they are 23rd in points allowed. New England will surely be looking to put points up early in this one. Any time you look at the Browns defense who do you think of? Of course, Myles Garett. He is probably the biggest threat come Sunday to the Patriots. As we all know, Bill will take away your best player and force you to beat them with someone else. The Patriots will throw different people at Garett and force him to work to get to Brady. On the offensive side, Odell Beckham Jr. will be covered by Stephon Gilmore the whole game and should be a fun match up to watch. Be sure to watch this AFC clash on Sunday at 4:25 PM on CBS.


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