With the Buffalo Bills being handed their first blowout loss of the season by the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles, it is time for the team to learn from their mistakes and move on. Taking a step back at 5-2, the Bills turn the attention on their final home game of this three game stretch as they host the Washington Redskins (1-7). The Redskins are coming off a disappointing loss vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

The Bills defense was weak against the Eagles and the offense was weaker. Their first true test since New England did not pan out. While it is easy to overlook the Redskins, with their one victory being over the Miami Dolphins by a point, no team can be taken lightly. Especially one that has nothing to lose other than a top five or top three pick in next years’ draft.

The Redskins come into this game averaging just 12 points, second to last in the league for the passing game and below average in the run game. The Bills defense has the opportunity to contain them early, but the same thing was about the last two weeks, where they were taken advantage of in both game against the Dolphins and Eagles.

The Redskins’ defense looks to be nothing more than an average unit. They are in the top twenty against the pass but lack the talent to stop the run, as they sit at 28th in league. Seeing as how the Eagles’ secondary was horrendous but looked like all-stars against the Bills’ passing attack, the Redskins can cause a threat to the offense.


The Game Plan

The Bills lack interior pressure on defense to help collapse the pocket. Jordan Phillips has done an excellent job breaking the pocket, but he seems to be the only one on the line that is seen in the backfield consistently. Case Keenum has to be under pressure to make mistakes. This means from the inside and the outside, Keenum has to have pressure in his face all game long.

The offense needs to open the playbook. Josh Allen is being seen run the ball more than the running backs. What goes up must come down. This means that while Allen makes huge plays with his legs, he also has seven fumbles on the year and it only takes one hit to have him suffer an injury. Brian Daboll needs to not be conservative or fancy with the ball. Pound the rock, work with the receivers to get open downfield and get into the redzone.


-Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Make sure to follow Brandon on Twitter at @brandon_ray79. 

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