In the last twenty-five games under Jon Gruden, few losses will sting as much as Sunday’s defeat. Dropping a 27-24 heartbreaker to the Houston Texans. With the loss, the Raiders drop to 3-4. With nine games remaining, the team needs to finish weakened opponents when they’re on the ropes. However, this game, like an onion, contained layers.

Gruden Praise

Normally, Jon Gruden endured his share of constant criticism and concern about playcalling, Yet, over the balance of the season, an aggressive side emerge. In turn, Derek Carr now shows frequent instances of verticality. That is to say, instead of the checkdown, the Raiders will take their shots deep. For example, when Tyrell Williams scored, the play drawn, allowed him to streak downfield after the catch.

Economy Jacobs

If you look at Josh Jacobs’ stats, those fifteen carries may not impress you. Meanwhile, his usage appears to be a long plan in place. With the lead, the Raiders conserved Jacobs’ carries for the second half. With JJ Watt injured, the Raiders looked to finish Houston. Going forward, the team will continue to monitor the number of carries.

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Hudson Worry

Early in the first quarter, Hudson fell to the turf. Earlier in the week, Hudson aggravated an ankle injury. While Andre James admirably filled in, the team should worry. Replacing the best center in the National Football League should concern

Gunther Collapse

In all honesty, how much can the fanbase endure. First, why deploy Nicholas Morrow to cover DeAndre Hopkins on multiple occasions? Hopkins, whom many regard as the best wideout in the league, shadowed by a linebacker. Additionally, Daniel Fells, a 6’7” tight end, found soft spots, making the Raiders pay with two touchdown catches. At what point, will Paul Guenther account for these coaching flaws?

Old Friend

On a petty level, seeing Tyrell Williams torch Gareon Conley made the hearts of the fanbase smile. Conley, the former starter at corner, watched his former teammate leave him far behind. For the price of a third-round pick, the Texans saw what Oakland endured.

Mystery Week

With the trade deadline approaching, what will the Raiders do? What should they? Will they make a deal? Oakland needs to figure out if they’re a playoff team now or should they wait.

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