2020 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Chase Young

Position: DE

School: Ohio State University

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 265 pounds


Pass Rush Repertoire

Without equivocation, the best tools of any pass rusher in this draft. Unlike many college rushers, Young does not subsist on pure speed. Granted, he could win on burst alone. However, his game presents a slight bit of nuance. First, his inside shoulder when he rips will go sometimes untouched by a blocker, due to the speed and rotation of the joint. Next, Young’s swipe, whether single or two-handed keeps blockers off. Plus, the timing of it, seems to set blockers off balance.

You will see the tackle lunge and probably grab. Young forces an immediate counter. Yet, the blinding speed of the technique prevents a quality counter. Perhaps the most important aspect to Young’s repertoire is the ability to stay at appropriate depth. Too many times, rushers will overpursue, zooming by the quarterback without touching him. Regardless of move used, Young will stay within arm’s length of the passer. If you’re looking for improvement, anticipate him adding more power based moves. With time and added strength, those should occur.


While Young can fashion a bull rush, it lacks the qualitative effect that he’d hope. As mentioned, added power will immediately bring that to the surface. Meanwhile, Young flashes decent power in run support. He anchors well enough and uses quick hands to stand and shed. Luckily, with his frame, Young will add effective weight.

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When reviewing his film, Young presents little to no gather. In other words, his set and stance remains still, and his get off is immediate. The first foot quickness will win him most battles. On top of that, after winning the 1v1, Young effortlessly accelerates and closes well on the target. At the same time, Young’s hips give offenses fits, along with his bend. See it like this: watch Young’s hips from snap to whistle. Notice the ability to simultaneously get skinny and maintain explosive balance.


Depending on the situation, Young changes his approach. If he’s too far for a wrap attempt, look for him to swarm or engulf the target. With quarterbacks, Young sees the passer’s arm up and instinctively reaches for the ball. Although his technique isn’t textbook yet, room for growth exists in this aspect.

Raiders Fit

With Clelin Ferrell struggling to find his footing on the line, the Raiders still need help. Outside of Ferrell, only Maxx Crosby provides any semblance of pass rush. If the Raiders add Young, that would allow Ferrell to kick inside to three-technique. Additionally, with Crosby occupying one side, the Raiders could field their version of the NASCAR package, made famous by the Giants.

More importantly, employing a cornerstone end changes the look of the defense. During 2019, no other defensive end commanded the same level of attention. beating the double teams with a sudden first step, will allow the Raiders to potentially mask any deficiencies anywhere on the field. some want to compare him to Khalil Mack or Lawrence Taylor. Wrong on both counts. Mack and Taylor operated primarily as college linebackers with added responsibilities. In Young, the Raiders could slot him in on the first day, expecting double-digits sacks, provided the defensive scheme suits his skills.

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