The Miami Dolphins weren’t done before Tuesday’s 2019 NFL trade deadline after sending Kenyan Drake to Arizona on Monday, as it acquired cornerback Aqib Talib from the Los Angeles Rams hours prior to the deadline Tuesday.

Talib is currently on injured reserve and slated to become an unrestricted free agent following the 2019 season.

Why would the Dolphins trade for a player that might not ever play for them, let alone even report for the team?

A smart move for Miami? Yes.

Talib came with a fifth round draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Miami already has 13 picks in that draft, but has been vocal about acquiring more.

The Rams needed to make space for newly-acquired CB Jalen Ramsey and his salary that the team took on Oct. 15 after completing a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Miami has one of the highest cap salary spaces remaining in the NFL for the 2019 season and could afford the moves.

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Either way, Miami has a win-win situation out of it. It either gets a draft pick and another player it can resign in the offseason, or just an additional player via the draft. The Dolphins do lose a future seventh-round pick (draft TBA), but the likelihood of Miami signing a future seventh round player is very unlikely. Seventh round picks are the least likely draft class players signed in the NFL.

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