The week following a loss always runs slower than a victory week. Plus, losing two games in a row make the weeks feel like months. Over their last two games, the Oakland Raiders have felt two different forms of defeat: ultimate destruction followed by a slow and grueling defeat.

 Two weeks ago, the Raiders fell to the Green Bay Packers. Last week, Deshawn Watson diced them. The one blatant similarity between the two games is that the Raiders’ defense has failed to show up.

 It has been said that teams learn more following a loss, and there are certainly teaching points coming from this game.

Never should DeAndre Hopkins, or any team’s #1 wide receiver, be covered by a linebacker.

I never worked as a defensive coordinator in any setting except Madden.On top of that, one should never talk about another man’s job. However, what does the thought process look like? Why did Nicholas Morrow and Tahir Whitehead play man-to-man coverage, lined up against one of the best receivers in the NFL? Paul Guenther must provide answers for the scheme he dialed up.

Pass interference penalties are never going to be regularly overturned.

It is frustrating that the NFL gave coaches the ability to challenge pass interference calls, but have seen minimal success in challenges, despite the replay showing interference or vice versa. Like regular challenges, pass interference challenges use a team’s time out if the challenge is not successful. I have witnessed this team use far too many second-half timeouts challenging plays that will not be overturned.

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Jon Gruden is either ripping Derek Carr or motivating him, but whatever is going on is working.

Last week, Gruden described Aaron Rodgers as one of the best in the game, which was fair since Rodgers is one of the best and had a monster day. This week, Gruden compared Deshawn Watson to the caliber of Michael Jordan. But this week, Carr outthrew Watson and matched his statline of three touchdowns and zero interceptions. This is the second time all season that Carr has thrown for more yards than his opponent but lacks the incredible ability to extend plays that Watson has to make him more notable.

This loss has been one of the more bittersweet losses of the season.

It felt good to think that the Raiders should win this game. The Texans are a potential playoff team now in the lead of the AFC South. The Raiders hanging around, even with 100+ penalty yards, instilled hope. But, this game is far from a moral victory. Also, should light a fire under this team. The upcoming three-game homestand features teams with a combined record of 6-16-1.


The Raiders bright future has been slightly dimmed.

The game against the Texans felt like a shoo-in. They would enter the week 4-3, with an entire month of November ahead of them where they would not play a team over .500. However, this season remains far from over. The Raiders play four games in November against the Lions, Chargers, Bengals, and Jets. The only team stopping the Raiders from rolling into Kansas City on December 1st with a 7-4 record is themselves.

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