AEW Dynamite Recap: October 30, 2019

AKA The One Where People Speak


  • “Hangman” Adam Page def. Sammy Guevara via pinfall
  • Hikaru Shida def. Shanna via pinfall
  • Best Friends def. enhancement talent via pinfall
  • The Elite def. The Hybrid 2 via pinfall
  • SCU def. Lucha Bros via pinfall to become the first AEW Tag Team Champions

Match of the Night: “Hangman” Adam Page vs Sammy Guevara

I would like to begin by sending my condolences to Adam Page after the death of Hunter Horse Helmsley earlier this week. Now back to the action. This Elite vs Inner Circle match was absolutely fantastic. This proved not only how good both of these wrestlers are but also how over Page is. The fans absolutely love him and he may have one of my favorite themes in AEW. As usual, I suggest you watch this fantastic match and let me know what you think!

Three Thoughts

Ugh. AEW Women’s Division.

I’m sorry. I just don’t like AEWs womens division. Nothing about it is special, especially with NXT having the best womens roster in wrestling. Hopefully they can change my mind eventually, but for now I honestly can’t say anything else about this division.

Jon F’n Moxley

Tonight we saw Peter Avalon come to the ring with Leva Bates to cut a promo and have a match. In the middle of his promo, Moxley came out and saved us from the boring Librarian gimmick. Moxley hit Avalon with a Paradigm Shift then cut an amazing promo. I’ve been wanting Mox to have a promo for weeks and he finally got one. This really showed me how great he is. It is a must watch segment from last night and was my favorite thing on the show.

New Tag Champs

Unexpectedly, SCU beat the Lucha Bros to become the first ever tag champs. Personally I didn’t love this match mostly due to the ending. I am not a fan of someone winning a title off of a roll up. It ruins their legitimacy as a champion. With that being said, I love SCU and hope Daniels is back soon and they can run the tag division for a few months.

Grade: B+

This was my least favorite AEW show. There was nothing that great about this show. The one thing I will give it is the amount of promos tonight. AEW finally gave Moxley and Page a promo and had a solid segment with Jericho and Cody. There is one more week to go until Full Gear so I’m excited to see what happens next week before the big PPV.

One More Thing

I’m still waiting for MJF to cut a promo.

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