When you begin writing about football, you look for resources and drawing an audience. Now, covering the Raiders isnt much different. The goal is to try engaging the fanbase. Yet, this process remains uniquely difficult. To answer, FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Pete Camarillo and Terrance Biggs discuss what writing about the Silver and Black involves.

As a writer, and a fan, what’s more difficult and why: Writing after a loss or interaction with irrational fans?


Writing comes natural to me, and I’ve never had qualms scribbling about a loss. Interacting with irrational fans is much more difficult. It’s like trying to explain something to a toddler who is throwing a tantrum so bad, said toddler is left drooly and with snot coming out of their nose. That’s what those interactions are like. No matter how calmly you explain and the analysis is backed by data, there’s no getting through. And I can understand that because emotions run high and fan is from the root word fanatic. 

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Interacting with fans is tougher because you want to build an audience and engage. Unfortunately, it is hard to have a normal conversation with anyone these days. That difficulty grows exponentially when you loop in passionate Raiders fans.

Many fans are more concerned with defending the team or being right. That’s fine but the reality is none of us are in a team so are any of us really right? And I ride for Raider Nation as much as anyone and that is why I am also so hard on this team. I give them my money, i represent their brand everywhere I go and I will always demand winning and excellence period. It’s a shame so many Stabs these days ignore the original vision to enable mediocrity.


Truthfully, I keep the same energy, regardless of wins and losses. This isn’t a lack of enthusiasm, more of a need to stay objective. Too many times, some less than professional writers will not speak the truth. Fans deserve to hear it, good or bad. At the same time, some are not ready to look. As a result, they may miss some crucial facts. At the end of the day, fans want to see their team win. The Raiders are no different.

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