2020 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Cedarian “Ceedee” Lamb

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Oklahoma

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 191 pounds



In evaluating the burst, observe Lamb’s stride. When he wants to push the route vertically, his stride lengthens much wider than you’d think a 6’1” wideout couch achieve. Additionally, Lamb’s fluidity jumps off the screen. For instance, he will stay hip-to-hip just briefly with the corner before accelerating. Granted, he’s not a 4.3 guy, but doesn’t need to be one to succeed.


Whether in the open field or near the line, Lamb sells his routes with his body. That is to say, head and shoulder fakes may not lose a defender, but, chunk yardage and keeping the opponent off balance. Watch for the opposing defensive back gather and try to anticipate the route break. Those little moves pay off when Lamb breaks off. Nuance aids this process.


If you had to describe his style, Lamb is simultaneously fearless and sudden. He plucks the ball from the air. Not to mention, anywhere from ear to knee, Lamb’s catch radius places him in prime position to make the play. Above all, Lamb fights for every ball, regardless of contact. He anticipates and thrives with contested catches. Plus, he’s bailed out his quarterback with over the shoulder or body control grabs.

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Route Tree

During his time in Norman, the Sooners put Lamb through his paces. Despite averaging 18.9 yards, he’s more than a deep threat. Shorter routes like the screen, out, slant allow him to use his agility to shake the first tackler. On the middle routes like the in, Lamb carves a sharp pattern, giving his quarterback a window. Meanwhile, when he needs to vertical, that pattern sees true explosion. Plus, the backshoulder, either from the slot or outside remains viable.

Raiders Fit

Granted, the Raiders currently possess more pressing needs on the defensive side of the ball. Yet, the temptation could be a bit too much. In 2019, the Raiders used three of their first four picks of defense. As a result, ever the tinkerer, Jon Gruden always looks for an improvement. While Tyrell Williams displayed the traits of a true top receiver, a void exists on the other side. If you are honest, no one on the roster fits the profile of a true number two. In Lamb, the Raiders could find themselves a lead receiver in the making. With his hands, timing, toughness and separation, he could give the Raiders a plug-and-play for the next six to eight seasons. More importantly, Lamb’s ability to punish defenders while blocking will inevitably open the Raiders’ eyes. For Lamb, it’s not always what the film shows him with the ball.

The Raiders, armed with a franchise runner, tight end and potential quarterback need a wideout to eventually be the focal point of the passing game. With Carr’s improved aggression, imagine a wideout to scare defenses because he can win in the short, intermediate and deep passing game.

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