After a solid 27-13 win against the Browns, the Pats travel to Baltimore to play the Ravens this Sunday. Many people believe that this is the best team they’ve seen yet.

Would you agree? Well, I do!

Let’s get to know the Ravens and what to expect for Sunday.

Coming into Sunday, the Patriots will face there first “true” dual-threat QB of the season. Lamar Jackson has thrown for 1,650 yards and rushed for 576 yards. Jackson is learning to use his arm more than his legs and his passing game has been improving because of it. Blitzing Lamar all game will not work as he becomes even more dangerous throwing on the run. Keeping him in the pocket and forcing him to sit back and find the open receiver can be uncomfortable for him at times. Also, Mark Ingram can cause problems for the Pats defense as he has rushed for 470 yards and has 7 Touchdowns. The one thing New England’s defense has struggled with this year is stopping the run. Ingram will have success on the ground come Sunday night but as we all know, Bill will have a game plan to stop him. Every team has a weakness in the NFL but what separates the Patriots from everyone else is simple, they don’t beat themselves. The defense for the Patriots isn’t invincible, but it’s a tough code to crack.

The defense for the Ravens has been suspect so far this season. This could be a great opportunity for Tom Brady and Co. to have a great week all around. Since Terrell Suggs has left, their defense has not been the same.  So far this year, one part of the defense that has improved is the secondary. Earl Thomas III, Marlon Humphrey, and Brandon Carr have all become crucial parts of their team. The addition of Marcus Peters has made the depth at the corner position even better.

Well, how can the Patriots counter this?

Run the ball! This will open up the offense to spread around the ball and get other guys involved.

Be sure to watch the game at 8:20 on NBC!

Robert Marcello is a Staff Writer for Full Press Coverage. He covers the New England Patriots. Follow him on Twitter @RobertMarcello5


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