2020 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Jaylon Johnson

Position: CB

School: The University of Utah

Height: 6′

Weight: 191 pounds



In analyzing his film, Johnson shows above-average burst while sitting inside of the play. Meanwhile, he brings the same energy with his back away from the line of scrimmage. Johnson drives on the short route, giving the receiver little to no daylight. Despite good length, Johnson curtails his stride to assist with stop routes.


In Utah’s scheme, coaches required Johnson to give a bit of cushion and need the ability to gallop pedal during inside routes. That is to say, playing off and anticipating routes does not bother him. On top of that, his back pedal, complete with late-rising shoulders helps him stay within his body.


With Johnson, the will and demeanor exists. He needs fine tuning and leverage lessons. Using his speed and burst, Johnson should be able to wrap up with a deeper hip drop and not ride so high on the target.An outstanding DB coach can easily fix this issue. To his credit, he puts an immediate end to any attempt to churn out extra yardage.

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Ball Skills

While not a household name, Johnson ranks among the nation’s best in this category. Whether it’s innate or taught, Johnson brings a sense of calm when the ball flies towards him. Correspondingly, his approach does not waver. From highpointing or the arm-over stab at the pass, Johnson thrives with passes thrown in his direction. As of this writing, he returned two picks for scores. At the next level, this should translate. Turning defense into offense will garner attention.

Raiders Fit

The Raiders lack quality starting corners. Outside of Trayvon Mullen, the group consists of subpackage and down-the-roster players. Teams need two talented corners. In the AFC West, a top tandem on the outside remains, super necessary, Johnson pairs well with Mullen for several reasons. First, by nature, the aggression surfaces. He wants that the ball. Whether to pick it off, jar it loose or slap it away, big plays follow him. Next, the same nasty disposition helps at the line. By relishing physicality, Johnson tries to snatch the soul from the wideout. The Raiders many not need to reach high to select him. Johnson displays the ability to start from the first day and will compete for every pass in the air. If the team retains Paul Guenther, a corner with ball skills and the ability to thrive in zone immediately helps him.

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