Snyder won’t sell the team, but could he dare move the storied franchise?

It has been known for while that the NFL has ambitions to put a team in England.  Most educated people would assume that it would end up being the Jacksonville Jaguars.  As recently as yesterday rumors started swirling that the Los Angeles Chargers could end up across the pond.  Chargers owner Dean Spanos vehemently denied those rumors in pretty colorful statement:

The NFL also chimed in with their own statement denying the rumors:

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So, where do the Washington Redskins fit in here?

Reports are starting to trickle out that owner Dan Snyder is starting to lose favor with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.  The latter because the finances might not be there to help subsidize a stadium in Loudoun County.  The RFK site is the last vestibule of nope for Snyder to make what will be a big part of his legacy.  Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has not shied away from wanting the Redskins back in D.C.  But, are both the city council and federal government willing to play ball with a man that is out on an island, aloof, and despised by his own fan base?

It was a few weeks ago that a listener called into The Kevin Sheehan Show (on Team 980) with his opinion that if he was consulting Snyder, he would recommend to move the team.  With an eroding fan base and losing favor across the board, this would make Snyder a hero in Saint Louis, Oakland, or even San Diego.  Snyder can’t be making as much money as he once was on ticket revenue and merchandise sales.  You have a fan base that got #FireBruceAllen trending late last season.  And now the owner has put himself in a situation where their best player has been alienated by his front office.

London Calling

If Snyder isn’t willing to sell the team, would he dare move the storied franchise to London?  I wouldn’t put it past him to do so. I don’t think reasonable, rational person wouldn’t put it past him.  He would have new fans buying new gear and have an influx of new money that was not there before.  There are stadiums in London ready to be used, so he would not have to put up as much of his own money.  Snyder would escape the state side embarrassment that he has created and be in his own bubble.  The Redskins fan base likely won’t lose their team, but they should brace themselves for anything as the years on the lease to FedEx Field continue to tick away.

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