The Raiders could look at the LA Chargers like a legitimate walkover. Resting below .500, the Chargers, besieged by injury could look vulnerable. Yet, they dispatched the Packers with efficiency and possess a headache that could give the Oakland an issue. Right tackle Trent Brown left with a right knee injury on Sunday. As a result, the Raiders possess a gaping hole on that side. Enter Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, the Chargers’ pass rush duo. FPC Raiders writers Terrance Biggs and Ray Aspuria will discuss Oakland’s options.

If Trent Brown is out for a period of time, how would you prep for Bosa and Ingram? 


Attack them similarly to how Tom Cable got his offensive line to counter the Broncos and Packers pass rushers — cut and power. Bosa and Ingram wrecked the Packers this Sunday and with a short week, are likely to be champing at the bit to get to Derek Carr this Thursday. 

Fortunately for the Raiders, Kolton Miller has been stout and David Sharpe is more than serviceable at right tackle. Also going for Oakland is all three tight ends and backs can block. 

This is all about timing and getting the ball out early and running right at Bosa and Ingram with Josh Jacobs. 

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Despite Melvin Ingram tallying only 2.5 sacks, he gives Joey Bosa the perfect bookend compliment. Why? Ingram can rush from a two-point stance, right next to Bosa. Meanwhile, Ingram can also get home with his hand in the dirt. With Trent Brown potentially out, the Raiders will need to get creative. Unlike previous seasons, I can actually see them trying some level of innovation.

The Screen Game

Bosa and Ingram will fly upfield in a heartbeat. Let them. When the push that hard, it opens up large areas of green. Drawing them in and allowing the backs, receivers or tight ends feast in the screen game works. Imagine, Darren Waller on a tight screen. Jon Gruden showed the ability to innovate.

Thirty Carries

Now, this is not to say the Raiders need to horse Josh Jacobs. By letting Richard enjoy 10-plus touches, the ground game will tire Bosa and Ingram down. Plus, it fits the Raiders to a tee. Oakland can hide Trent Brown’s potential absence by just being themselves.

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