The NFL Draft season is quickly approaching, keeping our eyes wide open with every game that is played. The prospects are running out of time to show what they can do on tape before being put through the pre-draft grind. Now in week 11 of college football, the season is now three quarters of the way done.

Every week, we at Full Press Coverage have been giving you prospects to watch in the games that are on before Saturday. It’s still no different this week, as we have eight teams all with solid NFL Draft prospects on their rosters.

Here are the four games on before Saturday:

11/7 7:30PM ET Louisiana @ Coastal Carolina (ESPNU)
11/7 8:00PM ET Temple @ South Florida (ESPN)
11/8 7:00PM ET UCF @ Tulsa (ESPN2)
11/8 10:30PM ET Washington @ Oregon State (FS1)

Let’s get into these prospects now, shall we?

5. WR Isaiah Hodgins, Oregon State

Isaiah Hodgins was not on my radar in the preseason, if I am being honest. Nor did I think Oregon State was capable of winning more than two games in the 2019 season. But here we are, and Hodgins is a big part of the reason why Oregon State is currently 4-4.

Having set career highs this season already in receptions, yards and touchdowns, Hodgins is having a phenomenal junior season. He has very good size, listed at 6’4″ and 210 pounds, and has a very likable skill set for NFL Draft scouts. He’s a good route runner despite his size, has excellent body control and a good pair of hands. We will see how well he measures up come February and March… if he declares. Still, a very fun prospect to watch.

4. TE Hunter Bryant, Washington

Staying right there with the PAC-12 match-up of the week, let’s look at Hunter Bryant on the other side of the field. Bryant is another junior, listed at 6’2″ and 239 pounds. While he is a tight end, he is undersized, so he will not fit in every offense in the pros.

However, Bryant is an electric weapon on the field. A true mismatch because of his athleticism and body control, Bryant can be a mismatch against even top corners in the league, as he put Julian Blackmon through the shredder here on the play embedded above. His size won’t be for everyone, but the teams that know how to use him should see excellent results.

3. QB Anthony Russo, Temple

Anthony Russo is one of my favorite guys in college football. He doesn’t get enough praise or hype for the work that he puts in. A redshirt junior, Russo has another year of eligibility if he so chooses. He’s got good size as well, listed at 6’4″ and 235 pounds.

Touch seems to be Russo’s best trait. He has an uncanny ability of knowing how to make a throw, where to place it, and how best to deliver it. His mechanics are sound, and his form has very little that needs to be worked out. I think teams and scouts are going to want to knock him for his 22 interceptions over the past two seasons. They’re not all on him, believe me. He’s a special prospect and he may stay in school with a heavy QB class this season, but he will be a steal for someone.

2. LB Nate Evans, UCF

UCF values athleticism and speed above all things, and believe that they can coach the fundamentals to the players with those skills. Nate Evans is a good example of the UCF coaching staff pulling that strategy off. Listed at 6’1″ and 241 pounds, Evans is very athletic for his size.

Evans tends to be more of a pass coverage linebacker, someone who can sit in zone coverage and command the middle of the field. He’s closing in on 100 tackles on the season, and might beat his career high in tackles for loss as well. He’s an exciting prospect, and a valuable player if he develops the way I project.

1. OT Robert Hunt, Louisiana

At 6’5″ and 322 pounds, Robert Hunt already has superior size over many tackles in the league. He’s a big, run blocker who played right tackle at Louisiana. Hunt was one of the first to accept his Senior Bowl invite, and will perform in the game down in Mobile, Alabama, in January.

Hunt has the tools that NFL teams like. Quickness, size, and athleticism to be a solid right tackle. Because he’s big, he could develop into a very good left tackle as well. Hunt is the type of guy NFL teams look for, and it’ll be exciting to see him on national television on Thursday night.

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