AEW Full Gear is on Saturday and features an unsanctioned match and matches for all three titles. Javier & Evan are here to offer their predictions on who will walk out of Inner Circle as winners, and even who will walk out as Le Champion.

Shawn Spears vs Joey Janela

Javier: I need someone to explain to me why this match exists. This should really be MJF vs. Spears for reasons that we’ll get into later on but I think Spears wins because he needs some heat if he’s going to be a midcard heel like I expect.

Pick – Spears

Evan: Spears looked to be the hot new heel when he had his match against Cody. He survived that loss against Cody, but would be really hurt by losing to Janela.

Pick – Spears

Britt Baker vs Bea Priestley

Javier: I think Bea Priestley is fantastic and they need to push a top heel. Priestley can be just that. I don’t know what the story has been like between these two but I do know that I like Priestley more as a wrestler and I haven’t seen her on AEW Dark so I’m going to assume she’s not very established which means she needs a win.

Pick – Priestley

Evan: To me this match is a toss up. Priestly could be built up to battle Riho next (spoilers for my later pick). That process starts here.

Pick – Priestley

Adam Page vs PAC

Javier: Easiest prediction of the night for me. Hangman is super over and has a bright future but I think he needs to take his lumps in the early stages of the promotion before he can explode and be a world champion down the line. PAC needs to just rack up as many wins as he can and then be given a midcard title to hold until Jericho drops the main belt.

Pick – PAC

Evan: Ah, the match we never got after that great press conference build. I will likely never bet against PAC out of fear to be honest. 

Pick – PAC

Proud-N-Powerful vs The Young Bucks

Javier: Santana and Ortiz are the new team seeing as they debuted at All Out to attack the Young Bucks. Normally, I’d pick Matt and Nick to win because duh, but I genuinely feel like this new faction that Jericho has needs some real wins behind them and these two beating the Young Bucks would be huge.

Pick – Proud-N-Powerful

Evan: The Young Bucks will eventually have to string together tag wins in AEW. For now, the Inner Circle needs to continue establishing dominance.

Pick – Proud-N-Powerful

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SCU (c) vs Private Party vs Lucha Bros – AEW World Tag Team Championships

Javier: I can’t believe that the Lucha Bros. didn’t win the belts originally. They are, without a doubt, the best tag team in all of pro wrestling right now. I think that they get the belts here and I think they keep them for a very long time.

Pick – Lucha Bros

Evan: SCU was not the most obvious pick for first tag team champions. If AEW wants to run with them, they should keep the belts on them here.

Pick – SCU

Riho (c) vs Emi Sakura – AEW Women’s World Championship

Javier: If I’m being honest, I’ve seen one Riho match and it was a tag match. I don’t even know who Sakura is. I hope these two put on a good match for entertainment purposes but I’m picking Riho because why have her drop it so early?

Pick – Riho

Evan: AEW truly needs to do a better job telling stories with their women’s division. The match will be quality, but next we need to know more about who Riho is and build up her next challenger.

Pick – Riho

Chris Jericho (c) vs Cody – AEW World Championship

Javier: Remember what I said earlier about MJF and Spears? Well, I predict that MJF will turn on Cody here and cost him the AEW Championship and then Cody can never challenge for it again. If MJF had faced Spears and lost because of Tully or something, MJF would’ve had a gripe with Cody for not helping him and there’s your reason. Either way, Jericho walks out as Le Champion and AEW is Jericho.

Pick – Jericho

Evan: One of the riskiest picks to predict – a DQ finish. Cody will win, but only due to Inner Circle shenanigans getting Jericho disqualified. This could be my jaded WWE booking coming through, though.

Pick – Cody

Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega – Lights Out Unsanctioned Match

Javier: This is a Lights Out match so it’s technically the main event. I think Moxley wins because you need that guy to look bulletproof for a while before losing. I also think that if Omega wins, his only direction would be Jericho and we’ve already seen that match. I want to see Moxley beat Omega and then go pick on the Inner Circle because he wants Jericho’s title. It’s perfect.

Pick – Moxley

Evan: This is a match type made for Moxley. If AEW wants him to be their hardcore guy, he can’t be beaten in a match like this. Not yet, at least.

Pick – Moxley

That’s who we’ve got for AEW Full Gear. Who do you have walking out as the winners? Connect with us on Twitter at @FPC_Wrestling, or in the comments below.

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