2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Laviska Shenault

Position; Wide Receiver

School: The University of Colorado

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 225 pounds



For Shenault, his catching evolved during his career in Boulder. From early reps of letting the ball catch him and not vice versa, he became changed the approach. whether time or coaching, you can see more of an ease to stabbing the ball. Not to mention, the absence of double-catching and sloppy form continues to disappear. Now, Shenault secures with confidence. Due to his size, look for him to sit on the chest of corners during contested balls. He will lean in and fight for the ball.


When evaluating Shenault, observe his burst in two separate areas. First, despite a long frame, he revvs to the second gear quicker than many of his build. Next, in the open field, he succeeds at running away from defenders downfield.

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Route Tree

In Colorado’s offense, Shenault operated as a wideout, running back, and H-back. As a result, he ran the slant, screen, out, hitch and fly from these positions. Due to his versatility, many want to compare Shenault to Cordarrelle Patterson. However, the difference is Shenault’s ability to trace proper pattern and not solely rely on his ability to jet past opponents.


As mentioned, Shenault saw time in the backfield as running back/Wildcat quarterback. With the ball, depending on circumstance, he’d run through a tackle and steamroll a would-be tackler. Physically, his strengths helps him as a blocker, runner and receiver. Contact is something Shenault will never shy away from.

Raiders Fit

Before this season, the Raiders would not appear as a great fit for Shenault. However, through a newly-found innovative streak, Shenault fits the Raiders’ offense. His size and physical approach reminds many of JuJu Smith-Schuster. On top of that, his speed and ability to operate in the slot gives the Raiders flexibility. Jon Gruden prefers larger wideouts on the outside. Additionally, his blocking and all-around toughness gives him added value. Tyrell Williams is the number one wideout. Adding Shenault would give defenses fits.

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