2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Jeffrey Okudah

Position: Cornerback

School: The Ohio State University

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200 pounds



Okudah will bait quarterbacks and receivers into overthought. While the patterns is already determined, he will open his hips to a pronounced level. In turn, receivers will think a double move would work. yet, Okudah’s twitchy ability to flip his hips the other way in a heartbeat compensates for any advantage the offense could have.

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With the jam, Okudah delivers a solid blow to delay the wideout. During those five yards, he attempts to long-arm or disrupt the timing. Little re-directs that may not seem substantial, but will allow the pass rush to get home.

Down the field, Okudah presents late hands to split the arms of the receiver. Plus, the turning of the head prevents the flag from flying. During his time in Columbus, man and off coverage found their way into Okudah’s bag of tricks.

Ball Skills

This season, that aspect of Okudah’s game elevated. As of this writing, he’s tallied three picks. Now, in reviewing them, Okudah drives on the ball, undercutting the route. His long arms shield the ball from its intended target.


Okudah, despite weighing 200 pounds displays above average speed. More importantly, the ability to explode with a suddenness, whether on a route or downfield stands out. As mentioned, despite the length of his stride, Okudah covers ground with burst as well.


As of this writing, Okudah has three times as many solo tackles as assisted ones. In essence, he prefers being on the island and making the play alone. yet, he will flash on a screen or meet a running back on the perimeter. Okudah establishes a good wrist grip and drags the ballcarrier to the ground. At the next level, he will only need the slightest adjustment in maintaining crisper footwork on the play.

Raiders Fit

With Trayon Mullen presumed to occupy the opposing corner spot, the Raiders need a capable bookend. Okudah offers them top value in the middle of the first round. What makes him intriguing is the twitch and the toughness. While Gareon Conley possessed tools, he whiffed on far too many tackles and shows lapses in coverage. On the other hand, Okudah stays locked in from snap to whistle. With the Chiefs and Chargers boasting a pair of talented wideouts, you can’t sit content with just one shutdown corner. Teams will always find the weakness. Additionally, what could bring Okudah to Vegas is his frame. Guenther prefers his starting cornerbacks to possess a longer frame.


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