Another week, another considerable trap game for the Buffalo Bills heading into this Sunday. Coming off an ugly loss last week in Cleveland, the team will travel down to south beach to pay a visit to the now-winning Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are on a two game win streak heading into Sunday and will be facing a limited offense.

The Bills’ offense has a very low ceiling. Is it because of lack of execution? The low usage of their offensive weapons? Questionable play calling has been under serious concern for this offense. Aside from the rushing attack, the ball does not seemed to be moved throughout the four quarters by Josh Allen and the unit.

If you look the three losses the Bills have this year, the offense has been the reason why they come out winless. Granted, the offense cannot stop the opposing team offensive running game. They cannot help defend the end zone, but they have to find a way to get on the board themselves.

In the first matchup between these two teams, the Bills offense was a major disappointment until the second half. The story all season long with this offense is either coming alive in crucial moments or not showing up at all.

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The first game at Orchard Park showed the Bills heading into the fourth quarter down 14-9. It would be the fourth quarter where the Bills offense put up the comeback numbers, even though they were assisted by an onside recover for a touchdown by Micah Hyde.

Allen would finish the game with just over 200 passing yards and two touchdowns, with most of his production coming in the second half. Frank Gore and Devin Singletary had a combined 18 carries for 81 yards. Seeing how Singletary can open up the field for the offense, many questioned why he was not seen more in action.


Go Big or Go Home

If Daboll wants to see his job secured for next season, he needs to step it up with the plan of attack. Gore should not be on the field for a sweep play as the main back. Singletary needs to be involved more and more each week. These are the backs that the team took over LeSean McCoy, and yet they have only been utilized in a limited role.

The wideouts outside of John Brown have been awfully limited as well. The passing game has serious trouble getting started and being consistent. A long pass has yet to be completed this year by the unit.

This offense has to step it up with the pressure facing them in the face. Luckily with the conference as a weak link, the Bills have a shot to get into the playoffs but if they cannot get the ball moving towards six points, this can be a bad sign of missing the playoffs in a make or break moment.

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