2020 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Paddy Fisher

Position: Linebacker

School: Northwestern

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 242 pounds



Fisher displays a nose for the ballcarrier. When he contacts them, they immediately stop. By a quicker drive and drop than many linebackers, he prevents the extra yardage that prolong drives. Identically, his long arms give him a tackle radius that puts him in play all over the field. More importantly, the grip strength and hand work shows itself. On top of that, Fisher finds a way to jar the ball loose, by either strip or punch. During his career, he forced nine fumbles for the Wildcats. Plus, over the last year, he improved the angle of pursuit. Instead of the lunging, awkward reaching, Fisher maintains an outstanding base.When delivering a shot, Fisher brings everything with him. Force, timing and the wherewithal to create turnovers.


Last winter, Fisher made the best decision to return to school. This helps the reps in coverage. While he excels versus the run, Fisher continues to develop a feel for coverage. With each year, he becomes more comfortable in space. Therefore, the drops become just a bit deeper. At the next level, Fisher will re-direct pattern across his face and meet backs in the flat.

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For an NFL middle linebacker, Fisher possesses adequate speed. yet, he still finds a way to make plays from boundary to boundary. With his vision and anticipation, Fisher plays faster than what his timed speed could be. Fisher fills well with a sense of urgency and no false steps.


With malice, Fisher goes for the legal shot. In an attempt to shake the ball loose, the punch and wicked shoulder awaits. However, there is a measured approach to this. Fisher stays within the rules. Smart over unbridled rage keeps him on the field.

Raiders Fit

Without a capable on the roster, Fisher steps in immediately to claim the middle linebacker spot. Somewhere on Day two, the team could call his name. On the outside, he profiles as both a Gruden and Guenther guy. With his old school approach, Gruden will beat the table. On the field, Fisher gives the Raiders a hammer in the middle, without the unnecessary flags or nonsense. Plus, the defense needs a youthful linebacker that offers the team something different. Currently, every Raiders linebacker do not present any greater-than-average abilities. Guenther wants tough linebackers.

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