Survivor Series has had a fair share of odd teams over it’s 20+ year history. Sometimes it is a collection of oddball midcarders thrown together. WWE will sometimes even try to group together teams under strange themes. Here are five of the oddest groups ever assembled in a Survivor Series ring.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Team HBK (2008): Shawn Michaels, Cryme Tyme, Great Khali & Rey Mysterio
  • Godfather’s Team (1999): Godfather, D’Lo Brown & The Headbangers
  • Team USA (1997): Vader, Goldust, Marc Mero & Steve Blackman
  • Yokozuna’s Team (1996): Yokozuna, Flash Funk, Jimmy Snuka & Savio Vega

5: Team Angle (2004): Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns, Carlito

This team is a good representation of the heel midcard of mid-2000s SmackDown. A weird bunch to be sure. Angle lead a group of three where only one would really become a star for WWE in Carlito. This team gets weirder when you look at the foursome they were up against: Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, John Cena & Rob Van Dam. Four of the best wrestlers of the 2000s, up against Kurt Angle and his band of muscly midcarders. What an odd assortment.

Watch the match on the WWE Network here.

4: Team Doinks (1993): Men on a Mission & The Bushwackers

A team of Doinks without Doink himself? Who would let this happen? Instead of having the regular clown, all four members of the team donned clown facepaint to face Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger & The Headshrinkers. Luke Doink, Butch Doink, and Doinks on a Mission actually completed a clean sweep in this match. It’s an odd team gimmick given to two decent midcard tag teams that made for a memorably weird Survivor Series matchup.

Watch the match on the WWE Network here.

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3: The Dark Side (1995): The Undertaker, Fatu, Savio Vega & Henry Godwinn

Wrestling fans who know about some famous backstage groups may know about the Bone Street Krew. Another friend group of wrestlers similar to the Kliq, all four members of this team are members of B.S.K. Heck, Undertaker has a BSK tattoo across his stomach. While all four members are part of a group in real life, as a foursome in this match they’re as strange a team as you may find. Undertaker dominated the match in the clean sweep, but still had a farmer, a pre-Sultan Rikishi and Savio Vega as backup.

Watch the match on the WWE Network here.

2: Cosmic Wasteland (2015): The Ascension, The Miz, Stardust & Bo Dallas

Just four years ago this team came together for a pre-show match, and now are in wildly different places. Two members have risen to be consistently near the top of the industry (Cody “Stardust” Rhodes & The Miz) while the others have struggled to find consistent television time. This team had three strange beings team up with an A-list movie star and a Bo-liever. They were walloped on the pre-show, but at least gave us a memorable lineup.

Watch the match on the WWE Network here.

1: Rock’s Debut (1996): Marc Mero, Rocky Maiva, The Stalker & Jake Roberts

The strangest Survivor Series team of all time has four wrestlers who were all very different then and had very different careers. This was the Rock’s wrestling debut. He was the “Blue Chipper” that ended up as the sole survivor for his team. Also on the team was Jake Roberts, nearing the end of his run in WWF. Marc Mero, in his prime as a midcard contender, was the leader of the crew. The Stalker (a repackaged Barry Windham) rounded out the team. For The Rock’s debut match, he could not have had a weirder collection of teammates. 

Watch the match on the WWE Network here.

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