2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Jordyn Brooks

Position: Linebacker

School: Texas Tech University

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 240 pounds



Of all his attributes, this one ranks among his best. Although he does not feature jarring force, Brooks’ acumen comes from the ability to show varied approaches. In his mind, not all targets are similar. For some, depending on game situation, he will appropriately change levels. More importantly, Brooks takes care of the ballcarrier without help. On the other hand, he will clean up and stop the play. By the same token, Brooks’ angles to the perimeter places him up perpendicular to the target, in prime position to make the stop.


Above all, when playing downhill, Brooks displays a knack for beating the back to the hole. His 30 TFL, as of this writing will attest. Equally important, Brooks makes plays on the boundary, often arriving before blockers. While not an accomplished blitzer, Brooks needs to pick crisper rush lanes.

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When diagnosing plays, his change of direction helps keep Brooks in the action. Plus, that is how he dodges or sheds blocks.


While critics want to deride playing defense in the Big 12, the offensive schemes helps linebackers like Brooks. First, he appears natural when shadowing in space, staying within close proximity. Plus, Brooks’ ability to read the short pattern helps negate screen, flats, and swings.

Raiders Fit

Despite the Burfict experiment, and signing Preston Brown, the need still exists. Not to mention, the complexion of the defense continues to change. With youth upfront and in the secondary, the Raiders could start to construct a capable linebacker corps. Currently, Preston Brown allowed 33 of 41 completed passes over the last two seasons. Andy Reid, regardless of postseason struggles notices these bits of minutiae that tilt games in his favor.

With the exception of Nicholas Morrow, the linebacker group lacks any semblance of explosion or burst. In Brooks, the Raiders can slot him in on day one and leave him on the field for all three downs. Furthermore, he can add blitz pressure on passing downs. With Jon Gruden firmly in control of an effective offense, Paul Guenther and the defense needs to meet the standard. An athlete like Brooks, a tackling machine, provides the Raiders a Day 2 value pick.

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