November 24, 2019

Q: What did you think of what Marcus Cannon did tonight, playing through illness?

TB: Yeah, he did a great job. Yeah, we weren’t quite sure how he was going to feel there late in the week, and he really toughed it out. So, proud of him; proud of the effort the guys gave. It was a hard-fought win.

Q: What does it say when somebody is willing to do what he did?

TB: Yeah, we’ve got a great group of men, and they work really hard to compete. It was great to see it come through with a win.

Q: If I said that we learned today just how gritty and resilient the Patriots are, would you say you already knew that? Or are you kind of learning along the way with the rest of us?

TB: I think every team develops at different times and so forth. I think we just take the challenges as they come and try to do the best we can. It was a great win. They’re a good football team, and happy we came away with more points than them.

Q: On the final play, what did referee Scott Novak tell you as to why there was a second left on the clock?

TB: I don’t know. I don’t know. I couldn’t figure it out. I’ve never seen that before.

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Q: There was a seven-second hang time on that throw.

TB: It was still up in the air when they stopped the clock, so I don’t know. Everyone says a Patriot gets advantages – I don’t know about that.

Q: Can you talk about how the young receivers, Jakobi Meyers and N’Keal Harry, stepped up in a big game today?

TB: Yeah, they played a lot of plays and proud of those two. They put a lot of effort into this week and they’re making improvements, and it was great to see. They both came through with some big plays for us – we needed it – and did a great job.

Q: There were a couple of plays where you were in trouble and had to duck and dodge and throw the ball away. Do you remember one play in particular where you tried to throw it away and the ball died in the wind?

TB: Yeah, we had a couple that I was trying to avoid the loss, and probably risky on a couple of them. But, kind of got away with it in sloppy conditions. But yeah, tried to throw it away.

Q: How much did it mean to have the touchdown play where it was a sort of a jump ball and N’Keal came down with the ball in what was your only touchdown of the day?

TB: He made a great catch. That was a great play. That was awesome. That’s what we need.

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