2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Hamsah Nasirildeen

Position: Safety/Linebacker

School: Florida State University

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 218 pounds



Despite his angular frame, Nasirildeen shows a varied coverage set. At FSU, he played the deep middle and in the box. Either way, he profiles as a three-down player with the ability to adjust to most scheme. If there is a need for improvement here, playing more linebacker than safety. With that angles and responsibilities would differ from snap to snap.

Working in his favor, Nasirildeen shows the knack for playing the pass while contacting the wideout. That is to say, he places himself in position to make the play while looking at the ball. Officials will not call him on pass interference. It’s a veteran move that inhibits the receiver from a free leap at the ball.


When studying his film, Nasirildeen screams active in this area. There is a certainty to his approach. Whether he arrives first or assists with the the cleanup, he will end the play. Nasirildeen brings a leverage base to lower his pads to get under shorter backs. In fact, he will force a fumble by driving the shoulder into the ball with force. If he wanted to, Nasirildeen could function as a hitter, capitalizing on late throws or sloppy patterns. However, as a hybrid type, making the stop on the perimeter takes precedence over highlight tackles.

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From shooting the gap, blowing up screens, or cutting off short routes, Nasirildeen arrives in a hurry. At the same time, he beats certain plays to development. In the NFL, Nasirildeen will need to work on his blitzing. While he possesses the traits to serve as an effective rusher, more reps in those situations must happen. Solely focusing as a linebacker gives the position plus speed.

Raiders Fit

During his days in Cincinnati, Paul Guenther enjoyed the services of George Iloka. Iloka, similarly built to Nasirildeen hit like a linebacker in a safety’s body. On the other hand, Nasirildeen can actually play within a scheme as a coverage ‘backer. His ability to drive on the ball, trail and stay with backs, tight ends and the occasional wideout separates him from Iloka, Now, some will view his size, roughly around 220 pounds as a negative. Yet, with his body type, Nasirildeen will probably add 10 pounds. More importantly, the Raiders need agile linebackers to cover tight ends and backs. Austin Ekeler and Phillip Lindsay are nimble backs that can thrive in the passing game. Versus the Raiders, they will gash their current linebacker group. On the positive side, Nasirildeen currently occupies Day Two value.

Debunked Theory

If the Raiders draft Nasirildeen, that opens the door for actual flexibility. At his current weight, slotting him next to Johnathan Abram could give the Raiders a blend of size, range and jarring ability that would change the complexion of games.

Granted, the pessimist would see Nasirildeen and automatically think Obi Melifonwu. Wrong. First, Nasirildeen shows a much higher ceiling at the line of scrimmage. He doesn’t mind contact and mixing it up with opponents. Next, he can adjust to the speed of the play, whether going to or away from him. Lastly, the Raiders, for whatever you think of Paul Guenther, will not be foolish enough to line Nasirildeen up at corner.

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