2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Logan Wilson

School: The University of Wyoming

Position: Linebacker

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 250 pounds



From play diagnosis to contact, Wilson does not hesitate. When you watch his process, observe hand speed. That is to say, the quickness of the wrap and the suddenness of the stop. Basically, Wilson attacks the target the same way, regardless of situation. Yet, he adjusts his tackle radius on the fly, all without waiting for help. With his torso and knees coiling, Wilson strikes through the target. By the same token, he’s forced five fumbles as of this writing. Active hands and technique will keep Wilson around the tackle. He profiles as a solo tackler with cleanup abilities.


Wilson runs with his eyes. For instance,scanning the play and see how to quickly approach it makes him faster than he appears. Granted, Wilson may not burn up the 40, but he will arrive at the ball, because of instinct and decisiveness. Meanwhile, he remains an effective blitzer that gives the offense another headache. When playing the run, he closes accurately, breaking down under control to secure the stop.

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Despite not fitting the prototypical speed metric, Wilson excels during passing situations. He reads the route, anticipates the path of the ball and breaks on the ball. More importantly, the former safety shows soft hands and the skill to make the play. Ten interceptions and two pick-sixes later, Wilson provides three-down capability. He knifes in front of the intended receiver without drawing the flag.

Raiders Fit

The Raiders need a middle linebacker. Vontaze Burfict could not stay on the field due to his headhunting tendencies. More importantly, he’s turning 30 with concussion issues. More importantly, the current crop of linebackers ranks at or neart the bottom in the NFL, as far as athletic ability, range and a general knack of playmaking. Wilson, via Day Three drafting immediately improves the talent level.

Unlike many middle linebackers, Wilson woulds stay on the field in passing situations, actually covering the middle of the field. Bluntly put, he’s a football player with coverage abilities and the awareness of immediate play diagnosis that the team sorely lacks. When you look at the AFC, not just the division, versatile quarterbacks and diverse schemes took over. The normal two-down middle linebacker in a 4-3 is slowly fading away.

Grinder Factor

On top of that, Wilson profiles personally as the type of player that Gruden would embrace. As much as the term gritty grinder became a cliche, the Wyoming linebacker embodies that. With the Raiders, Gruden drafts by feel. While not scientific or based on statistics, Wilson fits the description. Nothing he does will look pretty, but it’s effective and will change a game.

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