2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Reggie Floyd

Position: Safety/Linebacker (Hybrid)

School: Virginia Tech

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220 pounds


Floyd, whether in the box or in space, he shows a feel for the situation. With strong position coaching, he will fix his lone technical glitch in this area. Floyd will raise his pad level too high. As a result, that slows Floyd’s ability to flip his hips and run. Simple drilled adjustment. In man, Floyd function with length and timing.


Floyd hits like a frying pan to the chest. With adequate square and twitchy recoil, he drives through the target with force. In addition, players tracing down the sidelines that pull up before heading out of bounds will receive a rude awakening. Blessed with long arms, when Floyd needs to throttle down and make the basic form tackle, he ropes the target in with little problem.


In grading Floyd’s burst, view it from two separate ranges. As safety, he runs well enough to play centerfielder. While in the box, he will split the gap, surf through the trash, or blitz from the edge. At the next level, teams will call upon him to play the run as a linebacker of close on the flat routes or screens.

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Play Recognition

From the snap, you can view Floyd quickly dissecting the play, making his choice. Without hesitation, judging by instincts, he attacks. on run plays, he won’t flatten out. Instead, he’ll pick the approach, slipping by blockers en route to ball.

Raiders Fit

By drafting Floyd, the Raiders could legitimately solve a plethora of problems. First, pairing him with Johnathan Abram could give the team a physical presence that covers the wide expanse of the field. If Paul Guenther wants to deploy Floyd as a hybrid, he will stay on the field for the whole drive. His frame could easily handle the rigors of weakside linebacker, with the ability to flow from the flats to the seam and back again. Lastly, as a linebacker, Floyd would attack the run with the same vigor as he does with the pass as a safety.

Speaking of Morrow, while he is the most athletic ‘backer on the roster, he profiles as a reserve. Despite his foot speed, it does not translate to playing an effective linebacker. When he blitzes, he rarely affects the quarterback, barely pressuring him. Twenty-five blitzes only resulting in two pressures does not help and erases him from the play. On top of that, Floyd can immediate supplant Morrow.

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