The biggest question that has been asked about the Baltimore Ravens (10-2), who are riding an eight-game winning streak, is how do teams prepare for Lamar Jackson? How do opposing defenses’ come up with a game plan to contain this Ravens offense?

Instead focusing on all of the attention on the Ravens’ offense, there should be questions asked on how this Ravens defense plans to stop Josh Allen and his offensive unit. In the last three weeks the Bills offense has put up 20-plus points in each game, have gained 22 first downs in each of the last three weeks and have put up over 1,200 yards.

Allen and the offense are ranked in the top ten when it comes to red zone offense. Once they get into scoring position, it is tough to keep them from putting points on the board. The Ravens defense have one of the best red zone defenses’ in the league. They are able to provide pressure to screw up the rhythm of an offense.

Even though this Ravens defense is not what it was in the Ray Lewis era, physicality and inflicting pain can be done by this unit. The Bills offense has come along nicely the last few weeks but it is still a work in progress. Devin Singletary and Frank Gore should be featured in the workload this week. The running game for the Bills has to be explosive in order for the pass to get going.

Just like Jackson, Allen is mobile quarterback who can make the big throws and the big runs. Brian Daboll has specific plays drawn up for Allen to take it himself. Even if the Ravens play excellent coverage, Allen has the ability to see the field as how own and pick up the first down. That is one of the few reasons why the Bills have been successful on third down.

In order for the Ravens to contain Allen, they have to stop his mobile access to run the field. Even though his passing has improved each week, the Ravens best shot is to have Allen beat them with his arm. As for the Bills, the offensive line has to play exceptional football and win in the trenches. The wideout group has to get good separation consistently. Most of all, this offense has to play mistake-free. Winning the turnover battle has assisted the Bills in many wins this season.

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