2020 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Shaun Bradley

Position: Linebacker

School: Temple University

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 230 pounds



Solo. In longer terms, Bradley does neither waits for help or needs it. Equally important, the mental game remains at play here. Bradley instantaneously processes the necessary angle and approaches. Despite weighing only 230 pounds, his strength allows him to stop, muscling the target to the ground where they stand. Moreover, Bradley prioritizes securing the tackle, then attempting to jar the ball loose. Three forced fumbles provide statistical testimony to that attempt.


Bradley exhibits slightly above-average acceleration, in every direction. With the ability to choose the proper gap, he defeats blocks with burst. Now, when he clears the line of scrimmage, Bradley closes on targets with discipline, breaking down without sloppy overpursuit. Due to his agility, in concert with his explosion, he can cover underneath route and navigate the tricky crossers that plague defenses.

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While he’s only 24 years old, as of this writing, Nicholas Morrow seems to have capped out in this defense. Morrow, for all of his positive traits, one negative erases many of them. To this point, he’s missed eight tackles. In a defense that cannot afford sloppy linebacker play. Morrow, whether subpar angles, lack of finishing power or technique, opponents break his tackles. As a result, short completions evolve into big plays. Although Jon Gruden ceded control of the defense to Paul Guenther, he can see the linebackers fail on a seemingly every down basis.

Why Bradley?

Granted, Bradley does not fit the prototypical mold of a linebacker. With angular arms and frame, some would have concern with his ability to shed blocks and make solid tackles. However, when you watch his film, you see a playmaker, capable of flowing sideline to sideline. More importantly, versatility remains a key component of any modern defensive scheme. Bradly, through a mid-round pick would give the Raiders an every-down linebacker that would serve as a starting point in evolving. If Paul Guenther sticks around, he’ll need to change his thinking. Based on Mike Zimmer’s defense, Guenther needs the Eric Kendricks-type of smaller, but active ‘backers to provide run support, coverage and a nose for the ball. Fearlessly aggressive, Bradley brings the much-needed attitude to the group.

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