2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Kyle Dugger

Position: Hybrid

School: Lenoir-Rhyne University

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220 pounds


234 tackles, 25 PBU, 10 INT, 35 PD, 6 Punt Return TD, 1 Pick-6


Regardless of level, Dugger excels in space. When surfing the deep middle, Dugger uses vision and timing to ensure the largest part of the field remains taken care of. Additionally, Duggar does not press when teams go to the spread offense. Surprisingly, he looks rather adept at covering the slot, redirecting receivers across his face. When he sits firmly as a free safety, Dugger coverage vast ground.

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Despite tipping the scales at 220 pounds, Dugger could conceivably line up at as a corner Tackling when covering vertical routes. His long strides keep him in close proximity. Meanwhile, when driving on the play, Dugger lowers his pads and streaks towards the ball.


With a wide tackling radius and pop ability, Dugger drops targets with a decent thud. Dugger will also sift through the wash in order to make a stop. More importantly, Dugger uses processing to place himself in prime position. At the next level, he will need to use his athleticism to deliver a more profound shot. Yet, when given the chance to hit, Dugger will, and will attempt to rip the ball loose, in one motion.

Raiders Fit

If you look at the Raiders, from the secondary perspective, the group does not have neither the depth or talent to succeed. Outside of the potential of Mullen, Johnson, and Abram, the group continues to struggle. Last spring, the Raiders inked Lamarcus Joyner to a big-money deal to patrol and deter the passing game. In eleven games, Joyner surrendered three touchdowns. Opposing quarterbacks enjoyed a 109.3 rating. Joyner’s frame also makes consistently tight coverage an issue. In all honesty, the height limitations and frame hurts Joyner versus much larger receivers and tight ends. Like a magnet, teams spot Joyner and immediately seek out whomever he’s guarding. With Johnathan Abram returning, the Raiders need a coverage player to shuttle between safety and linebacker. More importantly, the Raiders can release Joyner before the 2020 starts and not incur any dead cap money.

Why Dugger?

Without delay, Dugger steps in as one of the most athletic members of any defense. First, he covers not only ground but opponents. The Raiders need versatility more than any other team. Through flimsy roster construction, Gruden and Mayock lack defensive nuance. Teams can read Guenther’s defense like a book and it’s a quick read.

Dugger infuses the ability to serve many purposes within the confines of any defense. First, his athleticism will see him stay with tight ends over the middle and down the seam. Next, Dugger could drop into the box and float within 5-10 yards of the line of scrimmage and handle the slants or drags across his face. Moreover, Dugger’s size lends itself to playing linebacker, whether in a full-time role or subpackage. On top of that, Dugger adds special teams value as a returner and gunner. He shows a knack for the big play around kicks. The Raiders could emerge with a Day Three steal in Dugger.

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