There is no secret, the Patriots offense needs to start improving.

For the past six weeks, it has gotten worse and there is no help on the way. Is this 20-year dynasty crumbling before our eyes? Is Tom Brady falling off a cliff? Will Bill Belichick ever forgive Robert Kraft for making him trade Jimmy Garoppolo? Throughout this dynasty, multiple times people have said: “it’s over”.  So why is this 2019 team different? This is not the same team we’ve seen in years past. Tom Brady has shown his frustration on and off the field throughout the season. It has gotten to the point where the defense has to have at least two turnovers per game to get the offense going. Fans have a right to be disappointed, but let’s not says it’s over and give up on the season.

The challenge this week for the Pats will be to find a way to play consistently. Playing a full 60-minute solid game has been a struggle all season and with three games left, there isn’t much time to waste.  The Cincinnati Bengals are 1-12 and do not have much to play for throughout the rest of the season. That narrative has changed with the recent allegations of the Patriots filming their sideline last week. The Patriots are no stranger to be accused of this and a statement was put out by the organization to clarify what they were doing at the game. Enough about that, let’s get to know the Cincinnati Bengals and what to expect come Sunday afternoon.

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As a whole, the Bangles offense has been nothing to cheer about. AJ Green has been sidelined all season with an injury. Green, when healthy, can make impact plays not only in the passing game but in the running game as well. AJ has practiced this week and could possibly make his season debut on Sunday.   Joe Mixon has carried the load for Cincinnati’s offense in Green’s absence. Mixon has rushed for 789 yards and 3 touchdowns. The offensive line is making Joe’s job a lot harder as he’s only averaging 3.8 yards a carry. Mixon has made up for this by tallying 29 receptions. Andy Dalton was benched for the middle part of the season and since regaining the starting job a few weeks ago, he has kept his turnovers down.

Defensively, it is almost the same story as the offense. Injuries have hurt Cincinnati all season. First-year coach Zac Taylor understands this and has kept his team focused on doing the little things better. The Bengals as an organization have a lot of pride and will give the Pats their best effort. Be sure to watch the game at 1 PM on CBS!

Robert Marcello is a Staff Writer for Full Press Coverage, and covers the New England Patriots. Follow him on Twitter @RobertMarcello5. 

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