It’s the most wonderful time of the year – just not for WWE pay-per-views. Yes, WWE’s December affairs are normally placeholders before the Road to Wrestlemania begins. Still, we have one more pay-per-view in 2019: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Who will emerge from the carnage with some momentum on the way to the Royal Rumble. Here are predictions for TLC 2019:

Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy is the second person to knock on Aleister Black’s door. He should also be the second person to be put down by the Black Mass. This has the potential to be match of the night, and hopefully will be the start of something of weight for Black.

Pick – Aleister Black

Viking Raiders (c) vs mystery opponents – Raw Tag Team Championships

Who will answer the call? Raw’s tag team division is a little thin, so it may be a new or returning team. How about The Usos? We haven’t seen them in a while, and having them return could give the tag division a spark heading into Wrestlemania season. No matter who it is, WWE seems intent on having the Viking Raiders reign as champions for a long time.

Pick – Viking Raiders

The New Day (c) vs The Revival – Ladder Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

This is one of the hardest matches to call on the show. New Day and Revival both want to bring back respectability to tag team wrestling, and either one of them could be the champ. I’ll let personal bias win out here and pick Big E & Kofi.

Pick – The New Day

Rusev vs Bobby Lashley – Tables Match

Is this the end of the angle? If it is the end, Rusev should win and then move on to a different feud. Lashley will win if WWE wants to keep this thing going. I ask them for mercy, and a new direction for both men.

Pick – Rusev

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Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin – TLC Match

Why isn’t this a dog-food-on-a-pole match? Even a dog collar match would have made more sense. Since it is December and WWE loves to stick with themed pay-per-views, we get a TLC match. The amount of outside help that King Corbin could get makes me favor him. I’ve also picked a lot of babyfaces to win, so some heels should be picked to even it out.

Pick – Baron Corbin

Bray Wyatt vs The Miz

Even in a non-title, non-Fiend match, Bray Wyatt should not be booked to lose. Look for Miz to come out with a ton of fire in the match, looking to get vengeance on Wyatt for invading his home. Wyatt mentioned Friday night that he has trained himself to feel no pain. No matter how much Miz is pisesd off, Wyatt will still have the upper hand.

Pick – Bray Wyatt

Kabuki Warriors (c) vs Charlotte & Becky Lynch – TLC Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

This will hopefully be the main event of the evening. While it feels thrown together to have Lynch and Charlotte teaming together without really resolving their issues, they’ll have a heck of a match with the Kabuki Warriors. WWE has no real consistent track record for booking the Women’s Tag Team Championships. My guess here is that they keep them on Asuka & Kairi Sane until at least the Rumble, if not ‘Mania.

Pick – Kabuki Warriors

Those are our predictions for TLC 2019. Be sure to leave yours in the comments below, or connect with us on Twitter at @FPC_Wrestling. Also be sure to check out Talkamania’s live TLC preview show, airing at 5:30 pm on FPC Radio.

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