2020 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Devin Duvernay

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 210 pounds

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The University of Texas



With an iron grip, Duvernay makes a pronounced, assertive stab at the ball. In one motion, he transfers from receiver to ball carrier. Despite his stature, Duvernay shows off a decent catch radius. More importantly, he gives his quarterback a window in multiple spots. From backshoulder to opening on the slant, he will secure the ball in flight and away from his body.

Route Running

In this case, being 5’11 actually helps Duvernay. With his stride length and gait, he gets on top of the pattern quickly, forcing the corner to react. As a result, the corner occasionally gets caught leaning and the double move will be open. When he drives from the snap, Duvernay gets a little more force with a lower hip sink and drive. Not to mention, Duvernay’s lower center of gravity and balance allow him to brush off attempts to re-direct.


Off the snap, Duvernay features a one-step and explode. More straight-line that twitched, Duvernay brings an aspect of long speed and the ability to run away from defenders. With a third gear, Duvernay steaks by the safety as well.

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Raiders Fit

Despite averaging over fourteen yards per catch, Tyrell Williams remains a giant disappointment. If you look deep into his numbers, you see a wideout that appears over his head. Since last year, his drop total doubled. Next, his yards after catch per reception fell through the floor. Moreover, his route running appears rounded and the timing with Derek Carr just does not seem there. He doesn’t fit what Jon Gruden looks to accomplish. Luckily, the Raiders can escape his contact after the season with no cap damage going forward. Not to pick solely on Williams, the entire receiving corps needs to change.

Why Duvernay?

By now, everyone knows the type of toughness that Jon Gruden preaches, Duvernay fits the mold. After catching the ball, Duvernay will attempt to run through the initial tackle attempt. Instead of dancing around the line of scrimmage, Duvernay will lower the should and prepare for contact. That level of toughness does not exist in the wide receiver room. Duvernay’s mindset and approach would positively affect the locker room. On the field, Duvernay profiles as a sound second wideout that will draw attention, due to his ability to beat coverage with speed and the strength to use handfighting, from the snap.

If you add in his ability to return kicks, his drafting would actually free up a roster spot. The Raiders haven’t employed a dynamic wideout since they traded away Amari Cooper. Derek Carr, or whoever is the quarterback will be, needs help downfield. Also, watch for him to throw off would-be tacklers with power.

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