It’s very simple, with a win this Sunday, the Pats will get a first-round bye in the playoffs. Offensively, the Pats played their best game of the season last Saturday night. Tom Brady went 26 for 33 passing and threw for 271 yards. Julien Edelman has been fighting multiple injuries this season but was able to be the X-factor in the Pats victory. The Miami Dolphins have been one of the worst teams in the NFL this season. However, they have shown that they will not go down without a fight late in the year. Miami won last Sunday in overtime against the Bengals in an offensive shootout.

Let’s get to know the Miami Dolphins and what to expect come Sunday afternoon.

Miami’s offense has seen its ups and downs in 2019. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been in the league for over 14 years and has been on 8 teams in that span. Not every stop has been a success for Fitzpatrick, but he has been stable. Ryan’s main receiver in Miami is DeVante Parker. Stephon Gilmore will be one-on-one with Parker the whole game. Patrick Laird is Miami’s main running back and can also catch the ball out of the backfield. Mike Gesicki is an excellent blocking tight end and creates mismatches in coverage.  New England’s defense has struggled to cover tight ends with linebackers all season. This has forced them to use safeties and corners to cover fast tight ends. Patrick Chung has stepped into that role since coming back from injury and will cover multiple offensive weapons.

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There is no secret that these two coaching staffs are familiar with each other. Brain Flores would love nothing more than to ruin the Patriots playoff chances by not get a first-round bye. Flores and Belichick orchestrated one of the best defensive game plans in NFL history last season during the Superbowl, as they help the LA Rams to just 3 points. Flores will remember that game but will also not forget that the Pats put up 43 points on the Dolphins is their first matchup. The Pats didn’t allow a point in the week 2 matchup and will look to do that again.

Happy Holidays to all and be sure to watch this Sunday’s game at 1 PM on CBS.


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