There’s more than one way to draft Chase Young

With the Redskins getting blown out by the Cowboys this evening, they are locked in with the number two pick in the 2020 draft.  With that draft position comes great opportunity to send this meandering franchise in the right direction.  While there is talk of the Redskins drafting Chase Young at their current spot, or trading back with the Dolphins to the fifth spot for a haul.  At pick five, the Redskins could take the likes of offensive tackle Andrew Thomas, cornerback Jeff Okudah, or safety Grant Delpit.  However, there is another trade back opportunity that no one is really discussing.

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Yes, the Dolphins could be quarterback hungry if Tua clears all medical evaluations by the draft.  But, the Detriot Lions could also be in the quarterback market too.  There has been light speculation that they are ready to move on from Matthew Stafford.  The Lions are also in a position where they could red-shirt Tua in 2020.  The Detriot Lions currently hold the number three pick in the 2020 draft.  If the Dolphins are willing to move up, it could force the Lions hand to move one spot and give up a second round pick this and next year.  Or more.

Moving down to the third overall pick would allow the Redskins to recoup draft capital over the next two years and still have the ability to draft Chase Young at number three.  There is no doubt that multiple holes need to be filled in outside of Young.  He alone won’t be the reason the Redskins are closer to the playoffs.  But, if you can trade back to three and still get Young while drafting a starting cornerback or tackle in round two with the Lions pick, you can’t turn that opportunity down.

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