2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Joe Reed

Position: WR/KR/RB

School: Virginia

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 215 pounds



Despite his muscled frame, Reed explodes vertically. With a high knee lift and lean, Reed shows off the knack for separating and succeeding downfield. In traffic, he explodes through a slight opening in the wash. Although his gait isn’t overly wide, Reed’s burst and fluidity forces corners to play him honest.


During his tenure at UVA, Reed needed to make grabs from various angles and slots. Long arms and quick stab helps in flipping from target to runner. On vertical routes, he will look the ball in with focus, whether above his head or away from his body.

Route Running

Bolting from the snap, Reed can win his feet. At the next level, he will need to use his strength to match the physicality of the jam. Also, he could use both the receiver and running back trees with comfort. Now, he must develop a more profound approach and run more with his eyes.


At Virginia, Reed lined up in the backfield, slot, and outside. Additionally, he saw snaps as a running back. On Sundays, this trait could see his name called early on Day Three.

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Raiders Fit

The backend of the wide receivers’ room looks rather bare. Granted, the front end remains problematic, too. However, the colossal need for not just talent, but depth remains a major problem. Trevor Davis, JJ Nelson, Ryan Grant and Zay Jones either cost the Raiders money, draft capital or both, Yet, none gave the team a reason to retain them after the close of 2019. Whatever you may feel about Carr, the offense bogs down when drops, poor routes and lack of dynamic skill exists.

Why Reed?

Can you name a dependable receiver after Hunter Renfrow on the depth chart? More importantly, how many gamechangers do you see back there? The Raiders scare no one. Reed brings the traits of versatility, explosion and excellent hands to the table. When the Raiders go four and five wide, Reed would be more than just a spot filler. Too often, teams can immediately pick out the desired targets. Without delay, Reed places immediately pressure on those subpackage defensive backs to account for him. With a slight seam or daylight, Reed will may other teams pay. Plus, after the catch, he possess the ability to cast aside flimsy arm tackles, on his way down the field. In addition, Reed will give the Raiders an immediate threat on kick returns. Flipping field position helps the offense get into a rhythm and affects playcalling. Starting from the 45 feels different than the 25. On top of that, Reed is a threat to score at anytime on kickoffs.

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