In my years playing Fantasy Football, there has never been a true constant in how to participate during the playoffs. In some formats, you set one roster and you can play with them the entirety of the way, earning bonuses the longer they are there. The way I play is different. Typically, I have to set a new lineup every week and if I use a player in the Wild Card round, I can not use that player for the rest of the playoffs. Therefore, a lot of strategies come into play. Fortunately, I play both and will help you narrow down who you should be playing on your roster this playoff season. Here is Fantasy Playoffs Start ‘Em Wild Card edition.

Lineup #1: NFL Playoff Challenge Format

QB – Drew Brees

I believe that the Saints are a safe pick to win against the Vikings and Drew Brees will be able to get you at least a 2x multiplier for the Divisional round.

RB – Dalvin Cook

On the opposite side of things, I do not want to go the entire challenge without playing Dalvin Cook. If the Vikings win, it will likely be because of a monster performance by Cook.

RB – Derrick Henry 

This is the same case as Cook. Despite playing against the Patriots, I still want to use Derrick Henry at least once because win or lose, he will be heavily involved.

WR – Michael Thomas 

I like that I can play Michael Thomas here, likely get a multiplier next week, with no risk. Plus if you are playing Brees, this can be a very productive stack.

WR – DeAndre Hopkins

This is the biggest ‘must play’ in my eyes. The Texans could easily lose to the Bills so you have to get DeAndre Hopkins at least once. If they win, you get his 2x multiplier next week.

TE – George Kittle

The only player I am starting this week who is not playing in the wild card round. I think George Kittle is bound to have a great game in the Divisional round and should be very valuable with a guaranteed 2x multiplier.

Kicker – Wil Lutz

The strategy here is to just pick a guy who I think can go the furthest. I have the Saints vs Chiefs in the Super Bowl, so I am going to try and get points every week. Also, Wil Lutz will be kicking indoors, the only such situation in the Wild Card round.

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Defense – Patriots 

Never bet against Tom Brady. More importantly, never bet a Bill Belichick‘s defense. The Patriots are great dunit, who will have a chance to play in the Super Bowl and get you the 4x multiplier.

Lineup #2: Eliminator Fantasy Playoff Challenge

The key here is to choose one conference for each position so that when the Super Bowl comes around, you do not have to start a backup. If you pick an NFC quarterback, ride with the NFC the entire way and just insert the AFC quarterback during the Super Bowl.

QB – Deshaun Watson

RB – Dalvin Cook

RB – Derrick Henry

WR – Michael Thomas

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WR – DeAndre Hopkins

TE – Jared Cook

K – Jake Elliott

Defense – Patriots

Here, it is important to avoid conflict. In positions like RB and WR, in the wild card round, it is alright if you flip and flop. Players like Thomas, Hopkins, Henry, and Cook are the ones you can’t afford to miss out on. You must start three of these four and you would like to start them all over the course of the challenge. Might as well get it out of the way early and try to hit on a sleeper or two later. That way, if they are eliminated, you still got to use them.

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