If you’re looking for a current Titans player with respectable, past success against the Patriots, look no further than Corey Davis.

The former Western Michigan product has had some of his best career games against Bill Belichick’s squad, flashing the juicy untapped potential the Titans fell in love with during the 2017 draft process.

Whether you want to look to his 2017 divisional round performance, which included the first 2 touchdowns of his NFL career. Or if you prefer his 7 catch, 125 yard toasting of Stephon Gilmore in 2018, one thing is clear.

Davis, somehow, has found some sort of remedy to curing wide receiver struggles against the New England Patriots.

Okay, okay that might be a little too far, that I’ll admit.

But it’s really hard to ignore the success Davis has had against the 5 time Super Bowl champions.

So with the Titans taking on the Patriots this weekend, and rookie AJ Brown being the primary weapon on the outside in this offense, there’s a good chance Davis will have to replicate that same success.

Why? Let me explain.

If you’re familiar with the basic goal of the Patriots’ defense every since Belichick took over, you’ll get my gist.

If you don’t know, listen closely.

The Patriots’ defense has several important points of emphasis whenever they run out on to the field.

Though there are some that aren’t as important as others, one of them has been heavily publicized throughout the years.

Taking away what your opponent does best.

For the Titans. Derrick Henry’s success running the football, and AJ Brown’s game breaking ability on intermediate and deep routes from the means of play action, represent the Titans’ best ways to move the football.

With the Patriots steering their attention towards the likely Rookie of the Year, plenty opportunities to make plays should arise for Davis.

Whether Davis, or even Ryan Tannehill and Arthur Smith take advantage of them, remains to be seen.

But they’ll surely be there.

Am I calling for some sort of Corey Davis breakout?

Potentially, but I am calling and expecting a lot more Corey Davis action this weekend.

We’ll see how it all plays out.

Featured image via Silas Walker/Getty Images

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