2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Shane Buechele

Position: Quarterback

School: SMU/Texas

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 207 pounds



When Buechele started out as a freshman phenom at Texas, his ball placement looking scattershot. Either he would complete the pass out of sync or sail one. His delivery continues to evolve. Shortening the rotation built a timing chemistry with his receivcers. Now, he leads the wideouts on deep passes. Much closer to the line, his screens and slants allow for yards after the catch, making it easier for the wideout to transfer and run.

Arm Strength

If you are looking for a cannon-armed thrower, look elsewhere. However, Buechele can make the deep throws. On top of that, he will fit passes through small windows with good velocity. He generates adequate spin and wrist flexion.

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Too many times, people confuse mobility with the ability to run 40 yards downfield. Buechele uses his legs for two completely different reasons. By nature, he wants to test secondaries vertically. As a result, that takes a little more time. So, he will move the pocket, finding soft spots in the defense. Next, he will take off and grab whatever yardage he can. While it may only be a five or six yards, there won’t be any missed open lanes.

Pocket Presence

Without a doubt, Buechele’s best intangible is fearlessness. He will climb the pocket, know the impending rush will reach him. Buechele takes the hit. Now, at the next level, he may want to tone down that somewhat, but it’s a rare site to see.

Raiders Fit

Whether you think Derek Carr is the starter or not, the drafting of Shane Buechele is irrelevant, for now. The key phrase is “for now”. The quarterback group behind him is a forest of retreads and non-factors. If Carr plays 2020 in Las Vegas, what happens if he succumbs to injury. You’ve see Kizer, Glennon, Peterman and every other failed starter draft failure in the NFL.

Buechele also makes sense for Jon Gruden. On a personal level, Gruden sees McNabb, Kolb, Feeley, and Mahomes as passers his friend Andy Reid developed. Granted, Kolb and Feeley weren’t great long-term, but he flipped them for second-round picks. That shows the ability to develop talent, despite limitations. Gruden’s legacy does not feature this. Spending a lower pick on a quarterback, giving him extensive run in preseason and shaping his career, to see him succeed is a crowning achievement.

Why Buechele?

In potentially drafting Buechele, the Raiders can use a Day Three pick. With so many holes at receiver and defense, the team can focus there first. More importantly, Buechele possesses traits and resembles successful Gruden quarterbacks. First, sizewize, he resembles Jeff Garcia. Garcia lead the Gruden Bucs to the playoffs in 2007. With a blend of awareness and nimbleness, Garcia, despite size limitations became a Gruden favorite. Physically, Buechele matches up well. As a result, that shows that Gruden does not look afraid to run with smaller quarterbacks.

Buechele stands tall in the pocket. Next, Buechele quickly processes and shows the confidence to change arm angles, moving the pocket like Gannon. Now, that is based on a shared trait, not production or success. Buechele walks with that swagger that dares defenses. Above all, Buechele will not wilt under pressure. He will stand in harm’s way to deliver the deep ball. Without hesitation or delay. Given these points, everyone knows Gruden is a coach of habit. He likes his fullbacks, smash-mouth running game, and gunslinger-type quarterbacks.

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