Talk about a HUGE breath-taking close game that went into overtime…and it ends in a heartbreaker and maybe a few years lost on Bills’ fans lives because of the amount of stress they endured. The Buffalo Bills went up 16-0 and gave up 19 unanswered Texans points. The Bills would then tie the game with ticks of seconds left in the fourth quarter after the defense came up big to get the ball back. Deshaun Watson made a huge play on the Texans second drive in overtime and the Texans put the Bills season at rest, winning 22-19.

The first half belonged to the Bills by a stretch. They led 13-0 going into halftime and only allowed the Texans offense to gain 62 total yards. The second half was a completely different story with a not so happy ending for the Bills. The Texans offense came alive and the Bills offense could not get anything going again after their field goal to make it 16-0.

Josh Allen finished the game with 264 yards, one fumble and a receiving touchdown from John Brown. His decision making in crucial times was very questionable and he could not deliver when it mattered the most. Granted, he helped lead the team to overtime and had a promising drive going in overtime, but he got hit with playoff pressure and it got the best of him. Still, not a bad second year for the young franchise guy.

The Bills had more first downs, more total yards and more sacks. What separated the Texans from the Bills was their ability to make the plays late in the game, including overtime. The Texans advance to the divisional round and the Bills head into the offseason after their second wild card round loss for the second time in three years.

Although this game ends in a heartbreak for the Bills, almost no expected the team to get into the playoffs, let alone before the end of the regular season. Almost no one expected Allen to take a major step like he did and certainly, almost no one projected the Bills to put up a fight in the playoffs in the beginning of the year. This loss will hurt for some time, but this only adds fuel going into the playoffs. Stay positive Bills fans. The foundation is getting started.

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