Andy Reid is one of the most respected coaches in the league. He has the track record and winning pedigree. However, most crush him for not having a Super Bowl ring yet. Also, there are head scratching moments where Reid can become conservative.

Entering this week’s matchup against the Texans, Andy Reid has a real chance to do some damage. He has been aggressive and calculated during this six game winning streak. If that trend continues, then the Kansas City Chiefs can continue to build towards their ultimate goal. Solo home runs should not be the resolve. Andy Reid and Kansas City need to go for the knockout punch any chance they get.

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Fire Power

The Chiefs offensive personnel is enough reason to not keep things at a turtle’s pace. The unit is now fully healthy, as everyone practiced to begin the week. To boot, the team is well rested with having a playoff bye. Patrick Mahomes is making all the right decisions, even if his numbers are not blowing people away. Elsewhere, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill have been mostly reliable during this late stretch. There is other players who’s roles have increased or been vital, despite certain guys going unnoticed.

The play calling and creativity is likely going to go up a notch. Reid and the Chiefs will likely have some tricks up their sleeve that we did not see during the regular season. Additionally, the Texans have some questions on defense. Will the thrown together secondary be able to make enough impact plays? Can they keep up with the speed of Kansas City? The mismatch may make Andy Reid jump for joy.

Out Texan The Texans

Another big reason that Reid must stay aggressive, is because the Texans can quickly become frustrated and are unable to overcome issues. But how? Houston just overcame a 16 point deficit to take the Buffalo Bills down. It all has to do with Deshaun Watson. If you look at some of their more impressive wins or games this season, Watson can strike with an explosive play at the snap of a finger. If the Chiefs are able to build a large enough lead, then Watson will have to be perfect early.

That is just what Reid and Kansas City did in the Chiefs and Texans game earlier this year. There were other factors like injuries and missed tackles on defense. But overall, head scratching play calls along with players not executing derailed the Chiefs’ momentum. Interceptions, fumbles and negative plays cannot happen. If Reid and Kansas City can beat Houston at their own game, then the Texans will be out of their plethora of options. Watson and the Texans offense can hit a wall, just as easy as they are able to come alive.

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Trick Plays Are Welcome

Many people trash teams like the New England Patriots or New Orleans Saints for using trick plays. However, they generally work. For example, Taysom Hill is valuable in the Saints offense. It’s just another variable that defenses have to be prepared for. Even Houston has run some trick plays this season. In their win over the Patriots, we saw a handoff go to DeAndre Hopkins. He then pitched to Watson for the score.

Trick plays should not be the soul base of the entire offense. Nevertheless, being cute while aggressive, can go a long way in keeping the momentum on your side. Look at the Bills. They blew their lead partly because the offense stopped taking chances and became conservative. People do not like when offenses get too cute. Yet, knowing Andy Reid’s history, it is better to trust your gut and stay on the gas pedal.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Andy Reid made some interesting points when speaking to the media to kickoff Divisional Round week. He went on to say how he believes postseason experience is critical for every player.

“I think it’s important for the quarterback, but for all the guys,” Reid said. “Everything gets a little faster, the urgency level’s up. You got to be in a certain mindset when you get into the playoffs. You have to understand that.”

The players are obviously the ones laying it out on the field. On the other hand, Reid must believe in the words he stated on Monday. The urgency level must be taken up to a new level. Additionally, he cannot get caught in the conservative mindset. Andy Reid understands this playoff run may be his best chance to bring a Super Bowl to Kansas City.

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