2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Darrynton Evans

Position: Running Back

School: Appalachian State University

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 202 pounds



From the handoff to the catch, defenses need to account for Evans. In breaking down his film, long speed immediately jumps off the screen. With a shorter gait, Evans brings immediate burst to the play. Yet, looking further, the speed falls into three categories. At the snap, Evans bolts towards the line and streaks through the hole. After clearing the line of scrimmage, Evans forces more conservative angles from linebackers. Any approach from a wide angle will not work. Following that, in the open field, Evans will pull away from linebackers and some corners.

Run Style

While he does profile as a legitimate threat, Evans should not be counted to live between the tackles. His game needs to flow as a boundary threat. Given his size, encountering linebackers at the next level does not befit someone weighing a shade over two hundred pounds.


Featuring excellent jumpcut and leverage shifts, Evans can make these adjustments in full stride. More importantly, he strings these subtle moves together.


At the next level, Evans could conceivably work as a third-down back with plus burst. During his time in Boone, he did not operate under an overly complex scheme. However, with his adequate hands and athleticism, Evans would give the quarterback an option.

Raiders Fit

For an offense that preaches efficiency, the Raiders still need explosion. Evans, with a Day Three pick, could walk into training camp and wina job. Behind Josh Jacobs, you see two redundant backs. Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington bring similar skillsets. Yet, neither will scare defenses. In fact, Jalen Richard, over his last 198 touches, scored exactly one touchdown. With six touchdowns over four seasons and droughts that last entire years, how much is enough? Meanwhile, Washington runs with a bit more force, yet they don’t add any dynamism to the team. When Josh Jacobs needs a rest, teams can also enjoy a respite. Plus, he profiles as a kick return prospect, scoring three touchdowns while averaging 25 yards a return.

Why Evans?

With the ball, Evans gives the Raiders a legitimate gamebreaker at a value pick. Jon Gruden needs to open up the offense to allow for actual speed. How many times have the Raiders actually needed an infusion of speed? Evans adds that trait, giving the team the luxury of feeding Jacobs later in games, wearing down defenses and accumulating first downs.

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