This was not how the story of the 2019 Baltimore Ravens was suppose to end. They came in as 10-point favorites over the Titans and looked like a textbook Super Bowl contender and then the game started. And, from the start of the first quarter the Ravens never felt much apart of the contest which ultimately ended in a 16-point defeat. Something that puts them in some rarified air when it comes to being as big of a favorite as Baltimore was.

Naturally, after the game, many of the players were disspointed as to how the season ended including the presumptive NFL MVP, Lamar Jackson.

“We just beat ourselves,” Jackson said after the game. “I had a lot of mistakes on my behalf. Three turnovers — that shouldn’t happen. But Tennessee came out to play.”

With the Ravens lost, this assures that the “curse of the MVP” award is still alive. The last NFL MVP to also win the Super Bowl in the same season was Kurt Warner with the St. Louis Rams in 1999.

Lamar Jackson Career
Year Age G GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% Y/A AY/A Y/G Rate QBR ANY/A
2018 21 16 7 6-1-0 99 170 58.2 1201 6 3.5 3 1.8 7.1 7.0 75.1 84.5 46.3 5.99
2019*+ 22 15 15 13-2-0 265 401 66.1 3127 36 9.0 6 1.5 7.8 8.9 208.5 113.3 81.1 8.19
Care Care 31 22 19-3-0 364 571 63.7 4328 42 7.4 9 1.6 7.6 8.3 139.6 104.7 7.52
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Jackson went 31-of-59 for 356 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions and a fumble. In addition, he was sacked four times by the unrelenting Titans defense. Despite the less than stellar numbers, Jackson’s play was the least of their issues. The Ravens came into the game having set the NFL record for most rushing yards as a team in league history. Jackson led the team in rush yards with 143 on 20 carries but it was Derrick Henry of the Titans who dominated on the ground to the tune of his third straight game with at least 180 yards on the ground.

The Ravens will now turn their attention to the 2020 season as they try to figure out why they have gone 0-1 in the postseason for the second consecutive season.

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