2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Amik Robertson

Position: Cornerback

School: Louisiana Tech University

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 183 pounds


Ball Skills/Coverage

Without equivocation, few corners in this draft possess the ability to make plays on the ball like Robertson. With instincts, timing and route diagnosis. More importantly, Robertson’s aggressive nature will bait quarterbacks. In off coverage, he will look to give them a cushion on the short pattern. However, he will break on the ball, in an attempt to pick and go the other way with it. At the next level, while few lazy-eyed, lock-on quarterbacks exist, sloppy-routed wideouts do. Robertson diagnoses the route and quickly adjusts.


Easy burst. Regardless of what the stopwatch will or won’t read, Robertson explodes to the ball. Whether making a tackle or running downfield, he will stay even with the wideout. Long speed does not appear to be an issue.


Despite surrendering height and bulk, Robertson does not show timidity in sticking his face into the fray. On the outside, he will ready himself, knifing in to make the play. Granted, his size won’t scare receivers, but he will get them to the ground effectively. Doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing to work. Surprisingly, Robertson eschews business decisions and will provide run support. Robertson accumulated 23 tackles for loss during his time in Ruston.

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Raiders Fit

As a slot corner, Lamarcus Joyner played a subpar 2019 season. He looked out of place and a step slow in coverage. Opponents completed 69.4 of their passes to receivers covered by Joyner. The screams a need for an upgrade. On top of that, look at the rest of depth. Nevin Lawson could neither cover or catch. In addition, Nick Nelson shuttles back and forth between the main roster and the practice squad. Also, he hasn’t snared an interception since high school. It’s not a joke. The Raiders do not employ the secondary depth, especially at corner to compete for a division title on a consistent basis. Teams will spread them out and pick the unit apart.

Why Robertson?

Given the continued offensive explosion of multiple wideouts, teams lack quality slot corners. More importantly, many corners, in the middle of the depth chart, lack tangible ball skills. Meanwhile, Robertson brings an immediate ballhawk skillset to the slot position. If teams test him, he profiles as the type of feisty corner with sure hands and the uncanny knack for being a ballhawk. Robertson doesn’t panic with the ball thrown at his target. Additionally, while the Raiders favor long-limbed outside corners, the Chiefs will slide Mecole Hardman or Tyreek Hill inside. They feast on taller corners that struggle to keep up with their explosion.

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