2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Ashtyn Davis

Position: Safety

School: University of California at Berkeley

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200 pounds


Ball Skills

Seven interceptions should impress, However, those picks underscore the knack of closing, body positioning, and control that Davis exhibits in the field of play. This is where those corner skills surface.

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A converted corner, Davis feels at home, either in the slot or outside. For a safety providing that versatility will keep in on the field every down. Yet, the most important trait remains his vision. Davis anticipates the play, long before it unfurls. Timing stacks up as one of his underrated assets.


Burst does not seem to be a problem. With a track background, Davis’ explosion translates to the field. When occupying the deep middle, Davis still reaches the intermediate and line of scrimmage quickly. More importantly, with few false steps, he finds a way to impact plays near and far from him. Meanwhile, Davis’ twitch allows him to kick start while opening the gate, regardless of pattern.


As a safety, Davis needs to make plays on the ball from various directions. With a quick, strong grasp, he makes the sound, steady play. From a technical viewpoint, Davis brings what teams look for at the safety spot. bringing the ballcarrier to the ground effectively doesn’t need to be flashy. The wrap-up appears solid enough to translate. Moreover, with his explosion, Davis could involve into a nightmare hitter at the next level.

Raiders Fit

Despite the pick-sixes, Erik Harris does not appear to be the long-term answer. Coupled with Karl Joseph’s impending free agency and Curtis Riley’s coverage liability, the Raiders lack starting quality safety talent outside of Jonathan Abram. Teams understand this and will continue to pick on the Raiders vertically. Harris allowed 14.7 yards a catch, surrendering four touchdowns. Curtis Riley started three games, allowing 19.1 yards a catch and two touchdowns. Not to mention, Davis brings a return specialist aspect to the fold.

Why Davis?

Davis will slide directly into a starting spot. If the Raiders pair him with Jonathan Abram, the backend of the secondary. While Abram provides Vegas with a thumper, an enforcer that will funnel down to attack the run, Davis can patrol the deep middle, slot, and roll with tight ends. Paul Guenther needs athletic talent in the back four immediately. The Chiefs aren’t slowing down. Denver continues to piece together a solid passing game. The Chargers, whether Rivers returns or not, employ a slew of talented downfield threats. Davis solves many problems, with a Day Two selection.

First, Davis immediately brings better awareness and better ball skills to the safety group. When the opposing offense targets him, he doesn’t appear nervous or worried. He brings a cornerback mentality with the ball in flight. From a character viewpoint, where Mayock and Gruden grade their draft picks, Davis checks all the boxes. From teammates to his personal story, Davis possesses the personality the team looks for.

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