2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Binjimen Victor

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The Ohio State University

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 199 pounds


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After waiting his turn between at least five NFL-caliber wideouts, Victor tallied his best season.Yet, with less targets during his career, Victor still needs to refine this trait. On the other hand, his broad catch radius and ability to extend the throwing window gives his quarterback a chance at plays that most wideouts can’t.


Despite his elongated frame, Victor uses the burst to get even and leave corners behind. Granted, long strides help. Yet, the explosion is evident. With the ball, Victor runs well after the catch, flipping into a second gear.

Route Running

Body control helps Victor win plenty of his routes. However, at the next level, he needs to sell the underneath pattern and definitely drive when making cuts. On the fly or post, Victor appears more comfortable and will easily gain ground.

Raiders Fit

After Hunter Renfrow as the third receiver, the receivers look rather unimpressive and sort of redundant. The team overpaid to reacquire Keelan Doss. Similarly, Zay Jones arrived via traded draft pick and did not make a ripple. The same goes for Trevor Davis. Outside of a couple of plays, the return on investment remains low. Provided the Raiders attack receive early in the draft and free agency, Victor brings much-needed athleticism.

Why Victor?

Separation and the fear of a vertical threat. More importantly, Victor could serve as a Day Three option. He presents a developmental target at wide receiver that possesses a far higher upside than anyone at the back of the depth chart. Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden know that Victor presents potential. As a result, the team can afford to draft him later and get him up to speed in camp.

While polished receivers will hear their names called early, Victor falls where the Raiders can help him polish his gifts. Under the right circumstances, Victor brings a red zone threat that will feast in multiple receiver sets, lined up against the weaker corners. Additionally, Victor gives the Raiders another redzone option, if they choose to pass. As a result, this could open Renfrow or Waller underneath to make plays and find their way to the end zone.

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