After finishing the 2019 season with an embarrassing 3-13 record, the Washington Redskins secured the second overall pick in the draft. At this point in time, there are only two picks that are viewed as essential locks, with Joe Burrow going first and Chase Young second.

Throughout the 2019 college football season, Chase Young has been touted as one of the best pass rushers of his generation, some comparing him to Hall of Famers. He will make an immediate impact on whatever roster he ends up on. There’s no doubt that Washington would benefit from the addition of Young, but there’s rationale for passing on the former Heisman candidate. Here are the steps Washington could take to maximize the value of their pick.

Step 1: Trade down with Detroit at pick three

I know. It’s not the popular option, and you’re essentially trading Chase Young for whatever you get back, but there’s so much draft capital to acquire. Washington needs to leverage the fact that they can pick a quarterback if they needed to. Dwayne Haskins hasn’t impressed to the point that drafting a QB should be ruled out.

Washington can essentially do to Detroit what San Francisco did with the Bears in 2017. Leverage the power of the pick and trade down one spot, getting the player you were originally going to select along with a bonus of draft picks. It’s a risk but if you play your cards close the vest, it could be effective.

Will this happen? Probably not. The Redskins’ main goal right now is to establish consistency, something that trading your second-year signal caller doesn’t fit into. But the key is to let other teams think that it’s a possibility.

Step 2: Trade down again to a pick between five and ten

The six teams that hold these picks in order are: Dolphins, Chargers, Panthers, Cardinals, Jaguars, and Browns.

Of that group, only the Browns and Cardinals are firmly set at quarterback. The Jaguars probably aren’t targeting a passer either, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

That leaves Miami, Los Angeles, and Carolina. All three of these teams have uncertainty regarding the QB position for 2020 and beyond. Even coming off of an injury, Tua Tagovailoa might be too sweet for these teams to pass up.

It’s much easier for teams to write blank checks when they will receive a potential franchise cornerstone. Washington could manipulate this market and milk the heck out of their pick. I would expect a trade here to include at least two first rounder picks and possibly a second, depending on how competitive teams are for the pick, and how well the Redskins’ imply that they could potentially select Tua.

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Step 3: Draft a Wide Receiver

There’s already young talent in Washington catching passes, but you can never have too many play-makers, especially when trying to develop a quarterback. The team learned that lesson when it’s passing production fell off after letting DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon walk in the same off-season.

One of two wide receivers would be ideal here: Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb. Both of these guys are strong receivers who have the talent to be successful at the next level. Either of them could fill the role that Josh Doctson was projected to serve when he was drafted.

If Haskins could enter year two with Terry McLaurin, Jeudy/Lamb, Kelvin Harmon, and Steven Sims, it would be incredibly beneficial for him.

Rationale for passing on Young

Chase Young is a pass rusher. While this is a position of need for Washington, Young wouldn’t be a cure-all for the team. I don’t expect Young to be a flop in the league, but the trade value for the right to select him is immense.

Draft picks are like cars. As soon as you draft them, or drive them off the lot, they lose value.

On the other hand, a pass rusher won’t make the difference on a team like the Redskins. Of the top fourteen sack leaders this season, only four of those player’s teams made the postseason. Guys like Von Miller and Chandler Jones are fantastic talents, but at the end of the day, they won’t be the guys to lift their teams over the hump.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of what the Redskins choose to do at pick two, they are in a position to walk away from the draft with supreme talent, whether that’s in the form of Young or draft capital. Chase Young would fill a void for the team that has been empty for a long time, but ruling out the possibility of dealing the pick would be short-sighted.

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